The Breakfast of Champions

Brisbane's best avocado on toast. It's the breakfast of champions, the universally accepted choice after ‘the night before’, and a prominent feature on Brisbane breakfast menus from the suburbs to the CBD. You might call the dish a key contributor to Australian breakfast culture - everyone loves avocado on toast. If there’s any disagreement, it’s about what you do with it once served… Do you squeeze a little lemon? Do you use butter too? Is spreading vegemite under the avocado gross or grouse? 

So, as purveyors of breakfast culture and avocado enthusiasts, we bring you the Brisbane's best avocado on toast…

Sourced Grocer's avocado smash title=Sourced Grocer's avocado smash

Jamie's Espresso Bar
Two slices of Turkish are toasted until slim and crisp, then placed on a paper sheet along with little cubes of butter and half an avocado. It’s that simple you really can’t fault it. You do need to share the salt and pepper grinders with other patrons, but that ties into the close knit nature of the spot; it’s kind of like Cheers, where everybody knows your name.
Where:49 James Street in Fortitude Valley

The Gunshop Cafe
It’s logged on the menu as a classic, and I can’t recall a time in the past three(ish?) years that it wasn’t available. There’s Barambah Organic quark (European cottage cheese) and it’s a revelation with its tart creaminess. It comes on a solid sourdough, but they’ve three other breads available including a gluten free option that’s baked just for them.
Where: 53 Mollison Road in West End

Fundies Wholefood Cafe
A dining companion once said “this is mint” as she munched her way through an all-organic plate at Fundies. You just can’t fault it.
Where: 219 Given Terrace in Paddington

Sourced Grocer
Smashed up, dots of labna, a drizzle of really good oil, and a good grinding of pepper. Plus a few micro herbs snipped atop for good measure. Oh, and really good Levain sourdough (or rye if you ask nicely).
Where: 11 Florence Street in Teneriffe

Where do you get your avo on toast? Let us now if there are any spots we have missed...! 

If you're a bit of a breakky fanatic, why not take a look at our latest breakfast roundup, or have a squiz at the avo aficionado's; Jamie's Espresso Bar, The Gunshop Cafe, Fundies Wholefood Cafe and Sourced Grocer to find out what else they master! 


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Posted by Kathleen Smith at 10:38AM on 17th May 2012

 Brown Dog Cafe at Wooloongabba! 

Posted by Amanda Ginty at 06:08PM on 2nd May 2012

The Home Store Cafe at Ashgrove do a great avo on toast with lemon! They also now have Campos coffee

Posted by Seona Gill at 05:20PM on 2nd May 2012

I want to recommend the old pharmacy turned cafe in the middle of Enoggera terrace but Im not sure if it has a name, or a menu actually. The one thing I do know is they serve a super avo toast. Best in brissy. Coffee is also excellent.

Posted by Janine Stephen at 06:51PM on 17th May 2012


It's called Cabinessence, or Cabin for short but no, no menu! The best avo toast, or Spanish toast, and brownies and definitely the best coffee, using blackstar revolutionary blend. Now there's a wee little shop out the back too i.e it's heaven!

Posted by Anna Berry at 01:46PM on 2nd May 2012

Ruby Cafe in Paddington is mintttt it comes with watercress and grilled lemon, I died

Posted by at 10:46AM on 2nd May 2012

Pompidou Cafe in Hawthorne also do a mean avocado on sourdough toast - the avocado is crushed with grapefruit. Delicious!

Posted by Kelly Wong at 10:38AM on 2nd May 2012

You HAVE to go to The Little Pantry along James St!

Posted by Elspeth Nielson at 11:16AM on 2nd May 2012

The Little Pantry is my favourite! Their egg turn over is Amazing!

Posted by Daniel Williams at 10:22AM on 2nd May 2012

Also Ponycat in New Farm put on a good spread

Posted by Claire Bennett at 10:03AM on 2nd May 2012

Garage at Southbank also do a delicious avocado on turkish bread accompanied by salsa to taste!