The Happiest Happy Hours

Happy hour? title=Happy hour?

Oh, humble happy hour, you’ve blessed us with so many hangover-tinged memories of naïve 18-year-old enthusiasm for your $10 jugs and $3 basics!  An enthusiasm fed by our older siblings’ glorified tales of your (now horrifically illegal) City Rower’s 10-shots-for-10-dollar deals.

Have we moved on, dear happy hour? Well, not really... But we do understand the importance of quality alcohol these days (and in our old age, we seem to have developed an affinity for beauty that the R.E and Fridays don’t quite satisfy).
So, what’s the answer? 
If you are going to dally with the happy hour, fine Brisbane revelers (you too, 18-year-olds), we advise only dallying with the best.

Black Bear Lodge
How could one ever turn down such a lovely, friendly bear? He plays us great vinyl, lets us dance like no one is watching, and offers us $6 drinks to help soothe our work-day-weary souls. Weekdays at The Bear have never looked so dreamy; we just want to give him a hug.
Where: Black Bear Lodge | 1/322 Brunswick Street in Fortitude Valley
When: Monday through to Friday

Tank Restaurant and Bar
If for some (completely incomprehensible) reason, you can’t quite make space for their lamb shoulder, you should still skulk on down to Tank for one of their gorgeous $10 happy hour cocktails (between 5pm and 6pm on weekdays). Offering obscure Asian-inspired twists on classic cocktails, these bad boys most definitely constitute a perfectly reasonable alternative to a post-work meal. Oh haaaii there lychee sake martini, and honeydew cucumber margarita, oops, and ginger cosmo (so many fruits and vegetables!)… TANKED.
Where: Tank Restaurant and Bar | 31 Tank Street, North Quarter Lane, Ground Floor, Santos Place in Brisbane CBD
When: 5pm- 6pm Monday to Friday

Keep your eyes peeled for Libertine’s occasional slinky selection of $10 cocktails between 4pm and 7pm. Enjoying one of their refreshing tipples under the stars at The Barracks provides an especially pleasant alternative to the ‘Cacko’ pre-match, and is an excellent way to razzle up a dull movie night. If you end up libating for the full three hours, perhaps invest in some of their delicious ‘street food’ to keep yourself upright.
Where: Libertine | The Barracks is at 5-61 Petrie Terrace in Paddington
When: Look for signs outside, but it's usually between 4pm - 7pm on a selection of weekdays.

Sling Bar
Sling’s cocktail bible can be a tad intimidating/plain terrifying for an indecisive Libran like myself. I’m sure it would be easier if the choices weren’t so ridiculously excellent. As such, I am significantly buoyed by the idea of Margarita Mondays. Firstly the decision is made for me; secondly, their margaritas are delicious and I usually don't make it to ‘M’ in the bible before being frightened off and ordering the Sangria; and thirdly, I have an excuse to drink cocktails in the coolest courtyard about town… on a Monday. Not so much happy hour, as happy Monday!
Where: Sling Bar | 153 Boundary Street in West End
When: Monday night

If Monday’s madness at Sling has you salivating for more salt-rimmed Mexican loveliness, Tequila Tuesdays at Canvas should sate the craving. (I am kind of tempted to do an alliteration week article devoted entirely to margaritas. Margarita Mondays, Tequila Tuesday… What next? Went-too-hard-yesterday-need-another-marg-to-get-me-through-the-day Wednesdays?) Alliteration aside, lurking among the murals and luscious leather couches with a margarita in hand and plate-o-tapas on lap for $20, will certainly make for an hour (or three) spent happily.
Where: Canvas | 16 Logan Road in Woolloongabba
When: Tuesday night

Limes Hotel
As if this hip rooftop bar didn’t have enough Friday appeal, elevated above the masses with DJs and groovers and nothing but a blanket of stars to shield you from the universe. The special Friday happy hour(sss) only serves to bolster its appeal. From 4pm to 6pm, and again between 7pm and 8pm, you can expect an array of wine, beer and basics for a measly $6 - $8. Occasionally you will a lil' cocktails special here and there. We’ll take a room to go.
Where: Limes Hotel | 142 Constance Street  Brisbane QLD 4006
When: Fiday night

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Image sourced from: Canvas