The Single Girl's Guide To Brisbane

You can’t meet guys in bars. This little statement, told to you repeatedly by every well-meaning person you know in a serious relationship, is probably the most fundamentally confusing ‘fact’ we get sold about dating. It’s fundamentally confusing because bars are full of guys!
But if you’ve ever found yourself on a dance floor, neck-deep in dudes who look either seventeen or fifty-six, getting your toes stepped on, while some poor guy attempting a conversation sloshes bourbon and coke on your dress as he’s yelling in your ear, you’ve probably got to agree they might be on to something. 
To remedy this modern-day dating dilemma, we’ve done an informal poll and come up with some male-meeting venue alternatives to the dance floor. And to make it just that little bit easier for you, we’ve sorted venues by man-type. Yes, some of them are bars, but there is no yell-talking or drink-sloshing at these establishments, I promise. Good luck ladies, and don’t forget Valentines Day is only two short months away. (Great.)

He must love… Food | Jan Powers Farmers Market
The Wednesday lunch-time, Queen Street Mall version of the Jan Powers Market is a veritable smorgasbord of gourmet produce and food fans having a browse in their lunch hour. Bond over your shared love of a Ruben bagel from The Bagel Boys, then find a spot in the shade to share. 
He must love… Art | Bleeding Heart Gallery
If you are looking for a man with aesthetic sensibilities, Bleeding Heart is the perfect space to find him. With a distinctly unpretentious vibe, and exhibitions featuring local and Australian contemporary art, the best time to pop in is on an opening night, when you won’t just meet art lovers—there’s a good chance you’ll meet the artist. 
He must love… Sports | Scratch Bar
Practically in the shadow of Suncorp Stadium, The Scratch is a way laid-back craft beer bar, perfect for catching sports fans having a pre- or post-game drink. Impress him with your knowledge of boutique beers, and be prepared for long-winded game breakdowns. 
He must love… Healthy Living | Bridge To Brisbane 
Ok, so fun run season isn’t on again until mid next year. But the men at this event are fit, philanthropic, and well worth the wait (and you still have plenty of time to train up!). While there are many great fun runs to choose from, this Brisbane classic really brings out the athletes and attracts a crowd. And if running for miles really isn’t your thing you can always join the cheer squad. 
He must love… Music | Jet Black Cat Music
Jet Black Cat Music: As a record store by day, this tiny space already attracts loads of music fans. But drop in on a night when they are hosting one of their many in-store performances and you’ve got massive elbow-bumping potential. Afterwards, you can hop across the road to The End for a cocktail and some vinyl appreciation. 

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