Wholesome Hangover Helpers

Spring has well and truly sprung, ladies and gentleman, and with that comes a few sweet little extras. Longer days mean afternoon drinks in the sun. The warm air reminds us that the festive season is on the way – Christmas parties galore, and of course the biggest knees-up of the year, New Year’s Eve. 
What does all this mean? Well, firstly, it’s time to find a pair of heels that you can walk in confidently, and secondly, we can all probably look forward to a teensy-weensy hangover in the next few months.
We all have our own secret remedies for hangover prevention - a Berocca and two Panadol at the end of the night; skolling a Gatorade before bed; a tummy-lining bowl of mashed potato before the first drink... But the fact remains that no matter what we do, the dreaded hangover is known to sneak up on even the best of us. 
So for the times when it’s just too late for preventative measures, I offer you the following tried and tested hangover salves:
Brekky Smoothie | The Fat Carrot
So let’s ease into this, shall we? I understand (trust me, I understand) that not everyone wants to combat their hangover with a full on greasy fry-up onslaught. Instead, I give you the Fat Carrot Brekky Smoothie: a fruity, healthy blend complete with Weet-Bix. You don’t even have to chew. And may I suggest a separate shot of wheat grass? Can’t hurt. 
Where: 179 Boundary Street in West End
Contact: 07 3844 2303
French Toast | Pablo 
The French toast at Pablo is like eating a cloud. If you, like me, feel that hangovers are as much a mental battle as they are a physical one, then you will love this. It is at the same time soothing, comforting, filling and sweet. The French toast comes topped with slices of poached pear and a delicate scoop of sweet ice-cream, scattered with pistachio nuts. In an irrational, uncomfortable, hung-over state, there is one word for this breakfast – uplifting. 
The Brekkie Burger | Brother Espresso 
Sourdough, avocado, prosciutto, vintage cheese, poached egg and garlic mayo. Need I say more? Ok, just one more thing – the coffee. Coffee is an essential ingredient for the hangover breakfast, and I cannot go past the brew at Brother Espresso. The Gowty Brothers roast their own beans, and that must have something to do with the perfection of their blends. I’m sure they could explain the technicalities of the deliciousness to us, but really, now is not the time. 
Pulled Pork Po’ Boy | Campos Coffee
As you may or may not know, the Campos menu is created anew each month, so this cure-all is only on the menu for September. However, there are so many reasons why I had to include this option, regardless of it’s short life. Firstly, the succulent, flavoursome tangle of slow cooked pork. Secondly, the light, spritely coleslaw nestled underneath and, finally, the crispy stack of the world’s most perfect chips resting alongside. What’s more, it’s available all day. Timeframes are so, so important when talking hangover cures – please, no rushing.
The Roesti Revolution’s “Berlin” | West End Markets 
Ordering the Berlin at Roesti Revolution feels oh-so-right on a seedy hungover Saturday. Make your way through the throngs of people, the low tent covers and the milk crates to the front of the queue at Roesti Revolution, and somehow stir yourself to croak out “the Berlin”. You will be presented with a perfect herbed potato roesti, nestled in a cardboard container next to a juicy bratwurst and a pile of tangy sauerkraut. Pull up a crate, and commune with this greasy, crispy, tangy, carbo-loaded box of goodness.
Where: Davies Park on Montague Road in West End
Not for the faint of heart, but something deep inside me feels this could really put a hangover to bed. Think spicy stir-fried pork mince (or tofu) with green beans, steamed rice and chilli, topped off with a cyclopean fried egg. Sweet, hot, sour, salty and salving, if you’re up for it this could be the long sought after miracle cure. Squeeze over some lime and dig right in. And, if ever there was a time for a bloody mary, it is probably now; the Crosstown can provide you with a very fine example, indeed. 
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