10 Apps To Get Your 2015 Goals Sorted

By Sophia McMeekin
22nd Jan 2015

There’s something magical about a new app. That little button holds so much promise for a new, better you. Your body, your financial situation, your constant lateness, could all be fixed with a simple double tap.

Whether you want to get fit, quit your 4pm coffee run, manage your social life better, or find out where all your cash is going, there’s an app guide you. 

Here are 10 of the best apps to help you achieve your goals in 2015.

Snowball Beta | Android

If the number of messaging apps sending you dings at any one time is getting out of hand, you need to check our one of the best new Apps of 2014, Snowball. It’s a simple system that lets you round up all your messaging apps into one handy dandy location. Snowball’s cute-as yeti logo gets us every time.

Reporter | iOS

The self-quantifying app trend was big last year—recording what you ate, how you slept, your coffee addiction, and your spending habits was all the rage—but the vigilant logging of data these apps need to be useful can be a major drag. Enter Reporter. This new app sends you pings throughout the day, asking you to fill out a short quiz, and with time generates real stats on your best and worst habits (yes, you will die a little bit inside when you realize how much money you spend on lunch). How you choose to use your new found self-stats is up to you.

Hyperlapse | iOS

Hyperlapse comes from the creators of Instagram, so you know it’s going to be a goodie. Hyperlapse let’s photography rookies create stunning time-lapse vids in a matter of minutes—it’s easy peasy, and it’s free. Prepare for your likes to skyrocket.

Things | iOS

We’re addicted to to-do lists, so it’s no surprise we’re nuts about Things. An organizational app from time-management guru David Allen, Things brings your list-making into the digital age, helping you break down your biggest tasks into manageable chunks, and keep track of what you’ve got coming up when you’re out and about. You can share your lists digitally or print them out old-school style, and you can even get Siri to add to your lists. Plus, your Things lists will automatically sync across all your Apple devices. Neato.

CamDictionary | iOS

Genius in restaurants, even better when you’re overseas, CamDictionary let’s you translate text from 16 languages straight from photos. Other features include text-to-speech translating. This app is nothing short of genius, and a no-brainer if you’re learning a new language.

Pact | iOS and Android

If you need something a little bit stronger than willpower to get your butt to the gym this year, you might want to check out motivating fitness app, Pact. Pact asks you to put money on the line and pledge a number of days to hit the gym (or do whatever workout you choose), then it’s up to you to keep up your end of the bargain or pay for each day you whimp out. The best part? Pact pays you when you do what you say you’re going to do. Not just for wannabe-gym junkies, you can also sign up for nutritional pacts. It’s harsh, but it might just work.

Up Coffee | iOS

Why quit your daily coffee hit when you can manage your caffeine intake like a boss instead (and still get a great night’s sleep). Up Coffee tracks your caffeine intake for seven days, including energy drinks, tea, and even chocolate, to reveal your caffeine personality, then uses the finding to tell you when you’ve had enough, and when your buzz will wear off so you can get some shut eye. 

Headspace | iOS and Android

Apps for your body are great, sure. But what about your soul? Headspace offers free meditations on the biggest daily-grind gripes going: stress, eating, and public transport are some of the guided 10-minute meditations on offer. We love how short and easy it is to score a little slice of calm in a busy day with this app.

Overcast | iOS

2015 is the year of the podcast (blame Serial), and Overcast is the app to help you keep track of them all. It has cool features like Voice Boost to enhance the sound on low quality pod casts, and an option to minimise long periods of silence, to get you through your listening lists faster.

DuoLingo | iOS and Android

This is the year you will learn a new language. DuoLingo teaches you how to write, read, listen and pronounce 9 languages from a clean, easy, and enjoyable platform. You know all that time you currently spend stalking people on Instagram? Put it to good use with this cool and useful new app.

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