10 Of The Best Non-Lame April Fools Pranks

By Ellen Seah
31st Mar 2016

March is the month dedicated to brainstorming April Fools pranks. But if you haven’t committed to a sufficient amount of time for plotting the best pranks this year, we’ve come to the rescue yet again! Here are 10 of the best non-lame April Fools pranks. There’s no air horn nonsense here.

#1 For the truly committed havoc-wrecker, buy a generous amount of balloons—enough to fill your roommate’s room from top to bottom when the balloons are blown up. Wait for him/her to leave, before pumping the balloons full of air. You’ll probably need a pump for this or you’ll feel faint, but it’s all in the name of a good prank.

Dress up as a scary clown and fill the room with said balloons. Patiently hide and await their return. When they inevitably attempt to eject the balloons by making their way through their room. Jump out and make sure you have an ambulance on call.

#2 Cover the hallway, kitchen and bathroom with plastic cups filled to the brim with water. Ensure to line the cups close enough to each other so a person’s foot cannot fit around them. Leave so you don’t have to deal with the inevitable clean up.

#3 Smash a glass object you no longer care about, like those fugly glass cups. Obtain the key to your best friend’s car by any means necessary. Roll down a window of their car and scatter the broken glass on the ground. Attempt to find the largest hammer or gardening tool to lean against the car, just to set the scene.

#4 Buy a dozen jam donuts and fill them with sriracha. Hand them out to your co-workers, unless that’s going to get you fired, then just leave them inconspicuously in the office kitchen with the printed label “EAT ME”. Prepare to deny everything.

#5 Cover your least favourite friend’s bag/desk/office chair/keyboard with duct tape.

#6 Fill your girlfriend’s hairdryer with flour, and run for your freaking life.

#7 We can’t go past Jim Halpert’s genius. Grab some of your co-worker’s important stationary (think stapler, scissors and pens) and insert it into lovingly homemade jelly that night. Bring it back to work and place it proudly on their desk.

#8 Line your friend’s car with colourful post-it notes. To level up in pranking mode, stick post-it notes all over their house as well.

#9 Stick a sign outside your office security scanner that says the security system has been upgraded and voice-recognition technology has been installed. Have instructions explaining that a worker has to say their name loudly and clearly for the door to open.

#10 If all else fails, you’ll be surprised by how effective a giant gorilla, dinosaur or spider costume can be.

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