10 Of The Best Movie Food Scenes

By Sophia Fukunishi
23rd Sep 2014

Movies have the ability to make us laugh and cry. They've also given us the fear of being home alone, helped us to develop unhealthy desires for vampires and made us want to wear pink on Wednesdays.

The following movie scenes just make us hungry. So, because we never stop thinking about food, we've brought you our picks of the best food scenes in movies.

Matilda | The chocolate cake

While this is borderline torture for poor old Bruce Bogtrotter, the chocolate cake looked incredibly delicious and we would have given it a solid effort, too.

Tampopo | How to eat ramen

Okay, so you may not have seen this movie, BUT you should (if you love ramen). This scene teaches you how to appreciate a bowl of ramen and we haven't looked back since.

Ratatouille | Anton Ego eats the ratatouille 

Just like mama used to make.

Hook | The Imaginary feast

Sure it's imaginary, but the food Peter Banning (Robin Williams) and the Lost Boys are eating looks pretty bangarang. As a side note, that food fight was the stuff childhood dreams are made of. 

Harold and Kumar | White Castle Burgers

Sometimes you get so hungry you feel like you could eat a whole table full of burgers and fries. Harold and Kumar live it.

Pulp Fiction | The $5 milkshake

 'That's a pretty f***ing good milkshake… I don't know if it's worth $5, but it was pretty f***ing good.' We want in on this milkshake.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory | The Chocolate Room

There's no denying that Willy Wonka is a bit of a creep, but The Chocolate Room made us all wish we had a golden ticket. Oh, the ensuing sugar crash!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone | Let the feast begin!

When Dumbledore says, 'let the feast begin' and mountains of food appear in front of the students, we were wishing we could enrol at Hogwarts. Too bad we're not of school age, aren't wizards, and Hogwarts doesn't actually exist. Sigh.

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi | The Whole Thing

Everything about this movie makes you crave sushi. By the end of this documentary, you'll be looking at flights to Tokyo.

Looking for Alibrandi | Tomato Day

Even though Josie Alibrandi hated Tomato Day and being Italian in general, this scene made many of us wish we had a big Italian family who made tomato sauce for the whole year. Watch the trailer and tell us you don't get nostalgic hearing Killing Heidi's, 'Weir'.

Have we missed a crucial movie food scene? Let us know!

Image credit: Pixar

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