11 Random-But-Awesome Netflix Docos You Need To Watch

By Jessica Pridmore
31st Mar 2016

netflix documentaries

There’s a real chance—and by real chance I mean this actually happened— that I’ve spent my evenings, weekends/any free time that I should really have spent either cooking, working out or hanging with friends IRL (or walking my dogs. My poor dogs!), binge-watching shows on Netflix to the point where there is now a me-shaped dent in my sofa.

It was looking pretty dire after I tore through season four of House of Cards in a matter of hours, along with the fact that we’re STILL waiting on new OITNB episodes (why Netflix!), until I discovered a whole new genre to tap into; random docos.

We all know Netflix doesn’t just throw up any old rot, so after careful consideration and back-to-back watching of some pretty informative and, dare I say, utterly addictive watching (all in the name of work research), here’s our top 11 Netflix docos you need to watch, pronto!

1. The Real Miyagi

Adored by celebrities and us regs people alike, follow the story of the greatest Karate Master of a generation, Fumio Demura. Oh, and he’s besties with Mr Miyagi. For anyone who grew up with The Karate Kid, this is for you

2. 9 Muses

Nine beautiful models are groomed into becoming one of South Korea’s next big K-Pop bands. Gruelling rehearsals, shattered spirits and catchy tunes ensue. An utterly eye-opening look into what it takes to be the next big thing.

3. TIG

This award-winning documentary follows Tig Notaro, a US comedian on the road to recovery post breast cancer diagnosis. Trust Tig to make the c-word laugh-out-loud funny.

4. Beltracchi: The Art Of Forgery

He fooled the world with his forgeries and made millions in the process. One of the most infamous forgers of our generation, Beltracchi’s story—told by the man himself—is very Thomas Crown Affair…

5. Hot Girls Wanted

Shining a light on Florida’s amateur porn industry, follow five young women’s path to making it mainstream. Shadowing the girl’s day-to-day, this is no easy watch, but one that you owe it to yourself to get through.

6. Living On One Dollar

Follow three guys travel to rural Guatemala, documenting what it’s like to live on $1 a day for two whole months. It’s gruelling and often heart-wrenching to see, but a serious subject that needs to be addressed and definitely worth the watch.

7. Somm

Watch as four grown men battle it out to become Master Sommeliers by taking the most important exam of their lives. Late nights, lots of wine, and flared tempers make for addictive television!

8. Atari Game Over

Once the greatest gaming company on the planet, it took one blockbuster film to topple a tech giant. Stephen Spielberg, what do you have to say for yourself?

9. A Year In Champagne

So, you want to live in France and drink Champagne all day? Tough gig, but someone actually does it. Live vicariously thorough the champagne farmers from grape to glass. Trust us, you’ll ant to pack up your life and move to the country after watching this…

10. Lasseter’s Bones

Following in the footsteps of his late, famous father, Bob Lasseter’s life mission has been to find the gold his father claims is hidden in the Australian outback. In his late 80s and still searching, time is literally running out.

11. Twinsters

Two girls living on opposite sides of the globe find each other and look more than just a bit alike. Are they twins or just two people that look a hell of a lot like one another? Bring the tissues, this one’s a heart-warming tear-jerker.

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