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12 Unexpected Things You Can Add Sriracha To

By James Shackell
20th Apr 2017


Sriracha is the only thing with an origin story more mysterious than Wolverine. Technically it’s named after the Thai town of Si Racha, but no-one really knows who bottled the first batch of the stuff. Maybe it just manifested in humanity’s hour of need, like John Oliver. What we DO know is that Sriracha is the world’s most successful chilli sauce. In fact Huy Fong (the guys who make the famous green-capped variety) churn out over 3000 bottles an hour…24-hours a day…six days a week…all year long. The company has actually come out and said the Earth can’t grow red jalapeños chillies fast enough. It’s not a disaster up there with global warming, sure, but it’s probably in the Top 5.

One more thing about Sriracha: it goes with everything. Like, everything. Toast, shampoo, a Tic Tac that fell behind the couch but is probably still fine. There isn’t a problem in the world that can’t be solved by either more Sriracha or less Sriracha. Here are 10 unexpected things you can add it to. Thank us later.

1. Caramelised bacon

Sugar-glazed bacon, served in a shot glass of Sriracha. Sweet.

2. Watermelon salad

Just like Mum used to make on a hot summer’s day, or not.

3. Popcorn

You will eat the whole bowl. There will be chilli sweats.

4. Mac N’ Cheese

Because Mac n’ Cheese wasn’t hipster enough, right?

5. Cocktails

Tangerine, rum and Sriracha. We might be tired, but that actually doesn’t sound half bad…

6. Doughnuts

Chocolate, good. Peanut butter, good. Garlic, chilli and vinegar, GOOD.

7. Ice cream

It’s nice to know scientists are working on the really important stuff.

8. Oatmeal

Oatmeal’s had this coming for a while. Lift your game, oatmeal.

9. Hummus

There is a recipe if you want to get all fancy, or just stir a few tablespoons into the regular stuff #gourmet

10. Crumble

The only thing crumbling around here is your self-restraint…for this dessert…let’s move on.

11. Lollypops

Give to adults as a treat, or small children as a punishment. Either way, winning.  

12. Coffee

For those who legitimately enjoyed turmeric lattes and didn’t just drink them to be cool. You know who you are

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Image credit: Gabriella Bjorklund

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