13 More Signs You’re That Person In Your Office Everyone Hates

By Sophia McMeekin
18th Jul 2017

The humble office environment is rife with potential faux pas and petty grievances just waiting to rear their ugly little heads. The smallest gesture or well meaning suggestion could have you transported from office lad or lass to that guy faster than you can say ‘did someone eat my lunch?’.

Here are 13 more signs you might be that person in your office everyone wants to staple to death. Watch your back…

  1. If you have ever suggested team laser tag/paint ball. Yep, they hate you.
  2. You have an emotional connection to your Tupperware. Tupperware is fair game and you should come to terms with this as soon as possible for your own peace of mind. 
  3. You think Casual Friday means you can expose your navel and/or embrace cut outs.
  4. Anytime you have a question you announce it loudly to no one in particular. It’s called Google, dumb ass.
  5. If we have previously only discussed the contents of various spreadsheets and the weather it might be over-sharing to show me every single photo from your wedding. Just a thought.
  6. If I want to hear about your dog and any of its associated bowel movements, social anxieties, or shedding, trust me, I will ask. 
  7. You think your office should be MORE open plan, and have made this suggestion to management.
  8. You’ve counselled your best friend through various life crises openly and thoroughly while sitting at your desk within ear shot of everyone. Meanwhile, how did her STD scare turn out?
  9. What’s that? You did a workout this morning? Excuse me while I cut off my ears.
  10. You constantly reference acronyms you’ve thought of yourself.
  11. You find it necessary to tell everyone about your incredibly fast metabolism while regularly smashing junk from the vending machine.
  12. Or, you have a self-diagnosed gluten allergy and need everyone to keep their pastries five metres from you at all times.
  13. You’re in a group chat with notifications turned on. There’s a special place in hell for you.

If you've still got NFI why everyone hates you, you might just be a bit of a wanker.

Image credit: The Office Wikia

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