15 Things We’ve Learnt Since Pokemon GO Came Into Our Lives

By Sophia Fukunishi
12th Jul 2016

pokemon go

Whether you’re in the “gotta catch ‘em all” camp or the “what the actual F?” camp, chances are you’ve heard of Pokemon GO—the hugely popular app which flew into our lives faster than a Tornadus (which is a flying Pokemon, in case you didn’t know).

Here are just a few of the things we’ve learnt about life since Pokemon GO came along and took up 110MB on our phone and in our hearts.


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  1. A gym is no longer a gym. It’s a PokeGym.
  2. Pokemon GO is the new Tinder except it does the opposite of getting you laid.
  3. You will probably walk into people/poles/fast moving cars.
  4. Walking around trying to catch them all is legit counted as exercise.
  5. You will most likely be robbed by a gang of opportunistic bandits who have lured you into an obscure location.
  6. No matter how tempting it is, do not go try and find Bulbasaur in an isolated park at night. See point 5.
  7. People unfamiliar with the game will assume you’re lost while you’re walking around aimlessly on the street. Some of those kind people may offer you help. Don’t take said help, we assume they are trying to get to the Pokemon first.
  8. A whole new way of dying now exists. See point 3.
  9. Your loved one will be confused by your new obsession.
  10. You’ve spent more time customising your avatar than choosing your outfit this morning.
  11. See the estimated walk time to your destination? Double it. 
  12. The Pokemon theme song has been stuck in your head for days.
  13. You will talk enthusiastically about Pokemon GO to anyone who will listen.
  14. If you don’t play, you will feel old AF.
  15. Jigglypuff is still the cutest Pokemon of them all.

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