18 Types Of Friends Everyone Needs In Their Life

By Olivia Atkinson
21st Jul 2017

Friends are the best. We’re not entirely sure where we’d be without them but we do know that it would suck. Everyone accumulates a bunch of different friends over the years and eventually, you end up with a core few that serve their own unique purpose. Like the friend who makes you drink a lot or the one who has a Yoda-like answer to literally everything.

Here are 18 types of friends everyone (including you) needs in their life.

The Ultimate Hype Friend

Everyone needs someone who forces them to do the things they don’t really want to, but probably should, do. Like applying for that dream job or asking out the hottie at the local bar (we’re hoping this kind of old school dating technique isn’t gone forever). They genuinely believe in you more than you believe in yourself and quite frankly, you’d be lost without them.

The Smashed Avo And Coffee Friend

Y’know, the person you hang out with every month or so to debrief over a bowl of gluten-free muesli and a strong-ass coffee. By the end of the brunch date, you’ve discussed every event/hiccup/drama that’s happened over the past 30-odd days and promise that you’ll hang out on the reg even though you know your friendship is just a once-a-month catch-up sesh that you both love.

The It’s Always Wine Time Friend

Shit day at work? Bae being a brat? This fabulous person will come to the rescue with a chilled glass of Sauv and a no judgment zone.

The Guaranteed Hangover Friend

Unlike the wine time friend who you’ll meet for a few casual bevvies, this friend is all about getting farked up. Replace classy vinos and dinner with shots and bar hopping and you know you’re in for a good time but a sore head in the a.m.

The Text Your Ex And I’ll Break Your Phone Friend

Your wasted and sending your ex a cheeky little ‘I miss you’ text is totally the best idea. NOPE. This wonderful friend will stop you from waking up with a smorgasbord of regrets. Tough lovin’ at its finest.

The Sloth Friend

No one Netflixs-and-pizzas better than you two.

The Food Is Life Friend

If you don’t have a serious foodie friend in your life, you’re doing life wrong. They’ll drag you to all the new openings, street markets and other delicious events, opening your eyes to the culinary delights your city has to offer.

The Actually Active In The Activewear Friend

Unlike your go-to brunch friend, this person actually wears activewear with the intention of working out. Weird, right? They get you doing hill sprints, trying new fitness classes and squatting to build dat booty. You may secretly hate them at the time, but your bod loves it.

The One With Nature Friend

While the activewear friend is all about #demgains, this friend is all about adventure. Camping, hiking, surfing, road trips...without them, you’d probably have your ass permanently on the couch.

The Hip Extension Friend

You two are tight. They might even be your bestie. As cliched as it is, they know you better than you know yourself and seem to have a wise AF answer to every question you ask. They’ll always have your back.

The Ballin’ Friend

You love them, but you also love the fact that they are more than happy and financially capable to buy a few rounds.

The ‘XOXO, Gossip Girl’ Friend

They’re basically an oracle. How they discover these outrageous facts of other people’s lives, you will never know, but there’s something addictive about your gossip sessions.

The Tell It Like It Is Friend

Sometimes in life we need someone to cut through the bullshit and be brutally honest. Like how, no, your life won’t be better after lip fillers. It hurts to hear but you’ll thank them later.

The Basically Family Friend

Friends forever. The end.

The Once In A Blue Moon Friend

You don’t see them often but when you do, you have the best frickin’ time.

The 3 a.m. Friend

It’s an ungodly hour and you can’t drift off to dreamland. You jump on messenger, see that this special someone is online for chats and all is good in the world again.

The Work Wife/Hubby Friend

Everyone needs one of these. They (and the moolah) are what gets you out of the bed in the morning. As soon as you walk into the office and see their beaming yet slightly mischievous smile you’re reminded that 9-to-5 ain’t all that bad.

The Love Of Your Life Friend

As a rule of thumb, you should be good mates with the person you decide to spend the rest of your life with. A lovey dovey spark will get you through but nothing beats the love-friendship combo.

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