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2 Minute Face with Whitney Port and Rae Morris

By Anna May
14th Sep 2015

Whitney Port needs no introduction. Apart from making us laugh until we cried on The Hills, she has made a serious name for herself in the fashion biz, launching her own label, Whitney Eve, and recently hit Aussie shores as a Priceline ambassador.

Rae Morris has been a full-on #ladyboss and make up artist to the stars since she took on Naomi Campbell’s look in 1993. Twenty years on, she is bursting with life and oozing talent as Priceline Make Up Director. 

We took a few minutes to catch up with the beautiful Whitney and the equally disarming Rae to chat make up secrets, handbag must-haves and learnt all about their roles with the Priceline Festival of Beauty

The Urban List: Can you tell us about the Priceline Festival of Beauty and your roles within it?

Whitney: Rae and I collaborated with Priceline to create the eight top beauty trends for spring/summer. Rae was spearheading all the actual beauty looks and I was here to help create and style the full look. 
Rae: I bounced off her because I trusted her eye.

TUL: Whitney, what has working with Rae taught you about cosmetics?

W: I think what Rae has taught me is really a lot of youth-anising?
R: Youth-anising is not a word…
W. Well anti-ageing tips, which are really starting to help as I’m coming into my young adulthood; well I guess I’ve been an adult for a while! But we can all use them, you know. Whether it’s lining the top of the lid to make your eye pop, or pencilling in your eyebrow to make the right part stand out. I’m also inspired by her philosophy on makeup, which is not about piling it on, but using just the right amount of products; she’s not heavy handed which is totally in line with my aesthetic. 

TUL: And Rae, what has Whitney taught you?

R: What I love is that she’s taught me a lot about clothing and that fashion is not about conforming to one single look. As a makeup artist I always receive the ready-made outfit first so working the other way round and watching Whitney being able style from a face has been amazing for me. 

TUL: It’s a normal day and you only have 5 minutes to get ready, what do you use? What are your go-to products?

R: I love L'Oréal foundation, and Australis and Models Prefer for mascaras because they’re just cheap and they’re quick. Bourjois are my favourite blushes. I also love Luma for lipglosses and skin highlights, Revlon for eyebrows, Nuxe body oil for shine and for hair. Oh, and L'Oréal Telescopic mascara is awesome. 

TUL: Whitney, what are your go-to, 5-minutes-to-get-out-the-door products?

W: Tinted moisturiser, an eyelash curler, a brush gel for eyebrows, a cream blush like the pearly pink Models Prefer version that can also use on your lips, and Lucas Pawpaw Ointment

TUL:  When you have a bit more time on your hands, what do you use?

R: For me personally, gel eyeliners. You can smudge them up, they come in a range of colours, and they’re waterproof once dry. I’m also obsessed with coloured pencils that you can put on and smudge out. They give that nice, slept in look and your eye some definition. If I’ve got a little extra time I’ll definitely put a few little falsies in there, why not? Always give yourself some more little friends. 

TUL: What about when you’re out on the town or going to an event?

W: I’m always a less is more type of girl but the one thing that I’ll do is wear lots of mascara (because I usually wear very little) and a bronzy cream eyeshadow.

TUL: How do you take your face from day to night?

R: I love this question because it’s very Australian; I never think of it from day to night but women here love to have that separation. Sometimes you can have just a nude base with a killer lip, lashes or strong brows. It doesn’t have to be a smoky eye. Just do one thing really strong and keep the skin healthy and glowing. 
W: Usually what I’ll do is prep with the Avéne thermal spring water and then I’ll start layering things back on. I might put a little more cream blush on, actually fill in my eyebrows, layer on another coat of mascara and then apply lipgloss.

TUL: Five must-have beauty products off the top of your head?

1.    A Sally Hansen spray or a foundation to even out body colour because makeup doesn’t just stop on the face
2.    Stick on nails, I use them in all of my shoots
3.    Blotting papers, which will de-shine you as well as powder
4.    Inner eye-white, and;
5.    Eye drops, they wake you up more than coffee.  

TUL: What about products that you always have in your handbag?

R: I always have Bioderma; an awesome makeup remover. Baby wipes; I don’t go anywhere without them. Hand moisturiser, mints, lip balm, yeah those things.
W: I have a lot of them! I have to have some sort of Chapstick, Avéne thermal spring water, gum or mints, eye drops, Simple makeup remover wipes, hand cream and pain reliever, which is not really a beauty product but it’s a necessity!

TUL: What beauty products will you splurge on? 

W: I won’t on really anything. Skincare yes, makeup no.  

TUL: My next question was what do you skimp on, but is there anything you would say don’t skimp on?

W: Foundation for me, because it’s going all over your face and so you want to make sure that it’s good quality. 
R: You don’t have to spend a lot either to get that. My two favourite foundations are Lumi by L’Oreal and Bourjois Healthy Mix

TUL: What’s your go-to nail colour?

R: Black, Grey or nude.
W: Definitely nude. 

TUL: Any particular brand?

W: Essie because of the thin brush.  

TUL: What about signature fragrances?

R: Tom Ford Black Orchid 
W: Trish McEvoy Number 3 Crystal flowers and Snowdrop

TUL: Do you have any beauty looks that you look back on and cringe?

R: Everything from the 80’s. I had a braid in my hair like Nelly. 
W: Like cornrows?
R: Yep, and I wasn’t 12 I was 25. I’ve got photos, it’s really bad. I did that.
W: Definitely caking on the foundation and powder in high school because I was pretty insecure about my skin. I also used to put black eyeliner on the inside of my eye every day, all day, and looking back on it now I don’t even know what was I thinking.

TUL: Who are your beauty icons? Apart from each other obviously…

R: Christy Turlington just has a face I want to go on and jump on; and Irena Shayk. I saw her and I’ve never seen perfection like that before in my life. It’s not like I want to be her, but she just took my breath away when I saw her. I actually teared up and was thinking how could someone be so beautiful. 
W: Claudia Schiffer and then Alexa Chung, who I think always has just the right amount of makeup on. Her skin is always fresh and dewy and I love her cat eye, she’s just beautiful. 

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