20 Truths In Life Only Aussies Will Understand

By Rachel Lay
20th Mar 2018

Much like understanding that we don’t really say “throw another shrimp on the barbie,” there are a certain number of truths that come with growing up in Australia. For example: drop bears aren’t real, we’ll never live that Simpsons episode down, and custard was the cream of the crop when it came to snacks that pair perfectly with Totally Wild. Name an Aussie who doesn’t agree. We’ll wait.

To celebrate these not-so-universal truths of a life lived down under, we’ve teamed up with the purveyors of our fave custard ever, Bulla. Why? Because they’ve gone and created a seriously iconic iteration of our fave treat: frozen custard on a stick! Fo’ real. If their frozen custard in a tub left you wanting more, and you’re all about desserts on the go, this is for you.

So if Ranger Stacey was your girl-crush, and no hat no play ruined your life, crack open a Bulla Frozen Custard on a stick and read this list for all of the #throwback feels.  

  1. The metal part of a seatbelt can and will give you third-degree burns.
  2. If your sunscreen isn’t SPF infinity+, you’ll probably get sunburnt.
  3. And then aloe vera gel will save your life.
  4. Anything can be put on a BBQ (grilled pineapple, anyone?), but there’s no place for shrimps.
  5. Mosquitos are the worst. Like, THE worst.  
  6. Frozen treats will be your only saviour in the heat that somehow lasts all year round. Bulla Frozen Custard on a stick, anyone?!
  7. Plus, you’ve nailed eating them in about five seconds, because you know that’s the only way for ice creams to survive the Aussie heat.
  8. The sausage sizzle at Bunnings is a perfectly acceptable breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  9. Travelling will involve at least two to three days in transit to get anywhere.
  10. Your accent will be mistaken for British, Canadian...anything, really. 
  11. The burns your feet have endured from going barefoot are real.
  12. Hearing people call indicators blinkers will never not feel wrong.  
  13. Eating a bowl of custard or ice cream (or both) after school was, and still is, the best thing ever. No arguments. 
  14. Licking your fingers after devouring a melting ice block and forgetting you just wiped bug spray on yourself is not the best aftertaste.
  15. Channelling Steve Irwin after an encounter with a frill neck lizard (or any kind of reptile for that matter) is totally acceptable.
  16. Most animals here want to kill you, but we’re still very protective of them.  
  17. The rain in Australia is just that much intense than other places we’ve lived, and don’t get us started on a 3pm storm.  
  18. Handball, tiggy, and brandy will forever hold a place in your heart as the best games, ever.
  19. Your car will have an unexplainable amount of sand in it, no matter how far away from the beach you are.
  20. We all have kangaroos as pets (not).
  21. Spontaneous trips to the beach aren’t complete without ice cream (Bulla Frozen Custard ice creams for the win!).

Does anyone else have the Round The Twist theme song stuck in their head after this? Do yourself a favour and try the new Bulla Frozen Custard on a stick for a serious dose of nostalgia.

Editor's note: This article was produced in partnership with Bulla. Thank you for supporting the partners who make The Urban List possible. To read our editorial policy, click here

Image credit: Sarah Law

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