21 Reasons Older Siblings Are The Best Siblings

By Millie Lester
7th Aug 2018


Everyone knows that older siblings are guinea pigs. Yes, they often have ridiculous bedtimes, and alright sure, they pretty frequently get handballed the responsibility of raising their brothers and sisters, but there are actually a long list of perks that come with ditching the womb first, and they have nothing to do with height.

Don’t believe us? Here are 21 reasons oldest siblings are the best.

  1. First-borns are better sharers because sh*t isn’t handed to them on a silver platter.
  2. Except for new clothes, oldest siblings don’t have to suffer through Pumpkin Patch hand-me-downs for the first decade and a half of their lives like younger siblings do.
  3. Also, the photo albums are definitive and indisputable proof that your parents love you more, or at least that’s what you tell your brothers and sisters.
  4. Technically, you’re also smarter.
  5. And more successful.
  6. In fact, scientifically speaking, you’re just better.
  7. Also, as the oldest sibling, your parents aren’t too traumatized to teach you how to drive yet.
  8. And speaking of cars, you probably won’t have to share one or inherit a beat-up Lancer from your older sibling, you’ll get your own.
  9. In fact, you’ll get more presents in general, because even though you may not believe in Santa, your idiot siblings will.
  10. Technically, you will have also gone on more all-expenses paid family holidays in your lifetime.
  11. Not to mention there was that brief period of bliss where you got your parents’ complete and undivided attention.
  12. And even when they start pumping out more kids, it’s up to you to set the bar as high as low as you want.
  13. There’s also that beautiful two-year window when you can pay your little siblings to do sh*t with loose change.
  14. And if you get bored at family functions, you can just double-dog-dare them to do something stupid like telling your aunt, Jen, she’s fat.
  15. And then, when you’re a bit older and your parents go for their bi-annual rendezvous at the movies - you’re in charge.
  16. And technically speaking, this makes you more mature and reliable, which gives you more weighting when it comes to other important decisions, like whether to go to Maccas or Subway after Little Athletics.
  17. Plus, you’re the practice kid, which means you get to do things your other siblings will never get to, like drinking red cordial before bed.
  18. You’ll always get dibs over the front seat.
  19. And the biggest bedroom in the house.
  20. Plus, your siblings will always come to you when your parents are grating their goat.
  21. Most importantly though, you get to watch your siblings grow up and be infinitely proud of them when hit all their major milestones, but still SCREAM at them when they take your sh*t without asking.

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