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30 Reasons Play School Was The Best

By Sophie Colvin
18th Jul 2016

Play School 50th Birthday

Woah, who would've thought that everyone's favourite TV show, Play School, has been round for 50 years. A whole half-century! We thought we'd celebrate the momentous occasion with 30 of our best memories from the last 50 years... It's really has been the ultimate trip down memory lane!

  1. Having a three year old crush on Monica.
  2. Benita's Hair.
  3. Jemima's outfits.
  4. The anticipation of which window it would be today. 
  5. Learning to tell the time from the rocket clock. 
  6. Play dates between Humpty and Jemima.
  7. John's good voices when he sang the Ning Nang Nong song.
  8. Learning the 3,786 craft projects you can do with an egg carton.
  9. Wishing Noni was your Mum.
  10. When everyone pretended to be kangaroos.
  11. When Big Ted got chicken pocks.
  12. Building a paddle pop fence for your doll's house after seeing Benita nail it.
  13. George. 
  14. There's a bear in there, and an electric chair...
  15. The music that the rocket clock played as it spun around. 
  16. The burning anticipation wondering what would be under the clock.
  17. Having a strong preference for the arch window.
  18. When John dressed up.
  19. Being extra chuffed when Simon made an appearance. 
  20. Never knowing the pig's name.
  21. The 'brush your teeth' song.
  22. Little Ted always looking a bit thread-bear and loving him anyway.
  23. Learning more from Play School than you did from kindy.
  24. Extended play dates when the second tier cast got a call up (Meeka etc).
  25. Really, REALLY wanting a colourful flower windmill after seeing them on Playschool.
  26. Every episode included an 'adventure'.
  27. Coloured water in the tub and being pretty annoyed your Mum wasn't down for you doing the same at home.
  28. Big Ted getting stolen.
  29. Being vaguely disappointed when Sesame Street came on.
  30. The set that seemed to go on for ever and ever—craft space, adventure area that included mountains and a river, the rocket clock....

Image credit: ABC Kids

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