30 Things To Do When You’re Stuck In Traffic

By Olivia Atkinson
23rd Jun 2016

30 Things To Do When You’re Stuck In Traffic

There’s no denying that living the bright lights, big city life is pretty damn rad. We have access to awesome eateries, quirky theatres, hidden hotspots and running out of things to do never seems to be an issue. Yep, city life rocks our socks. 

For the most of us though, home is out in the ‘burbs and work is bang smack in the city centre, meaning a gnarly commute in the a.m. and p.m. Sitting bumper-to-bumper is never going to be something you look forward to but, with the help of this handy list things don’t have to be all that glum. Here are 30 things to do when you’re stuck in traffic. 

  1. Plait the tassels of your scarf. It’s oddly therapeutic. 
  2. Treat your ears (and mind) to these podcasts.
  3. Wink at other drivers and see how they react. 
  4. Or stare at them and time how long it takes them to notice. Tee hee.  
  5. Alternatively, smile at them. You’re all victims in this dreadful commute. 
  6. Pretend you’re in Carpool Karaoke and belt out some sweet tunes. 
  7. Practice your gangster rap. Or your sitting twerk.
  8. Or create a haiku about sitting in traffic. 
  9. Get your zen on and meditate. 
  10. Make like the Kardashians and do yo kegels. 
  11. Give way to other cars so you can get amongst some good karma and warm fuzzies.  
  12. Call your mama bear/nana/bestie. Hands-free, of course. 
  13. Call your bank/insurance company/waxer and get your life sorted. Hands-free, of course. 
  14. Clear out your voicemail.  
  15. Play eye spy…with yourself.
  16. Flick through radio stations until you find one without ads. 
  17. Become one of those annoying people who calls up radio stations every. Single. Day.
  18. Eat. You might as well BYO bowl of cornflakes. 
  19. Speaking of food, plan out all the delicious meals you want to eat for the rest of the week. 
  20. And make a to-do list of all the things you’ve been avoiding. 
  21. Take a disgruntled selfie of yourself sitting in traffic. 
  22. Touch up your face. Chuck on some lippy or pump up them lashes. 
  23. Paint your nails. 
  24. Pick off your Shellac. 
  25. Tweet about how much you hate sitting in traffic. 
  26. Declutter your handbag or wallet. Those Thai takeout receipts are a waste of space. 
  27. Or dust your dashboard. It’s getting out of control. 
  28. Completely and utterly lose the plot. Weep, yell, honk...take your pick. 
  29. Daydream about all the other things you could be doing if you weren’t crawling in traffic. 
  30. Give up and start walking.

Image credit: WeeklyGravy

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