30 Truths About An Australian Summer

By Rachel Lay
23rd Nov 2016

Australian Summer

Ah, Summer. You beautiful, sweaty beast. From burning the shit out of yourself with a hot seat belt—seriously, they’re a real health hazard—to eating all of the mangos, we think you’ll relate to these 30 truths if you’ve ever spent summer in Australia.

  1. It’s hot and humid.
  2. There will be arguments about the air con being too cold.
  3. There will also be arguments about the air con not being cold enough.
  4. You will face the eternal battle between windows open and death by mozzies.
  5. The mozzies will win. Every time.
  6. Your make up won’t last past 11am and your hair will be frizzy AF.
  7. You’ll become very familiar with the sweat moustache. 
  8. The feeling of ecstasy when you walk into a building with air con is unbeatable.
  9. You will start craving Mango Weiss bars. All the time!
  10. Come 3pm you’ll be in constant fear of your car getting owned by hail damage.
  11. Leaving at 4pm will become totally normal due to ‘storm fears’.
  12. Panicking about floods at the lightest shower becomes totally rational.
  13. Ants will ruin your life.
  14. There’s no happy medium between your fan being on low and high.
  15. Sleeping naked becomes a non-negotiable.
  16. Waking up with sweat-soaked sheets is the new norm.
  17. You’ll ask your friends if it was this hot last summer.
  18. Conversations will revolve around the weather.
  19. And whether or not it will storm this arvo.
  20. Your international (Brits, we’re looking at you!) pals will struggle with the heat.
  21. You will mock them for their weakness in the face of an Aussie summer.
  22. The soothing, calming sound of mozzies will put you to sleep each night…
  23. You’ll probably get a scar from a seat belt buckle burn.
  24. Same with the steering wheel.
  25. You’ll find yourself hitting up the shops / cinemas / your local Office Works to use and abuse the air con.
  26. A spray bottle of cool water becomes the new accessory du jour.
  27. There’s absolutely nothing but cricket on TV.
  28. Lying on tiles becomes surprisingly comfortable.
  29. You date people for their pool.
  30. Clothes become optional.

Image credits: Betty Wants In for The Urban List

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