32 Things You Wish Your Flatmate Would Stop Doing

By Natasha Van Der Laan
15th May 2016

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Flatmates. When they’re good, they’re very very good. But when they are bad they are horrid. Chances are you have a love/hate relationship with your flattie. One moment you’re binge-watching Netflix while you binge-eat pizza together. The next, you’re in a huff, leaving passive aggressive notes all over the show because SOMEBODY didn’t take the rubbish out. Love ’em or hate ’em, chances are you can’t live without ’em (damn you, house prices). Here are 32 things you wish your flatmate would stop doing. Feel free to print this out and leave it on the kitchen bench in the hope they take a hint. 

1. Never taking the rubbish out. 

2. Referencing the one time they took the rubbish out, claiming they “always take the rubbish out”.

3. Burning the frying pan and leaving it in the sink “to soak”.

4. Using the last of the milk without replacing it. 

5. Worse yet—leaving a miniscule amount and putting the bottle back in the fridge.

6. The same goes for replacing toilet paper/dishwashing liquid/laundry powder etc.

7. Bitching and moaning about how there’s none of the above. 

8. Having rowdy sex in the early hours of the morning.

9. Actually, let us rephrase: having rowdy sex. Full stop.

10. While we’re at it, sex in communal spaces is not okay. 

11. Leaving stuff that should be IN the bin NEAR the bin—what’s with that?!

12. Leaving laundry in the washing machine. 

13. Washing laundry multiple times over because they forgot to hang it out.

14. Hanging their laundry out for approximately one month before finally putting it away. Sort it out, Rachel. 

15. Leaving dry dishes in the rack because they cbf putting them away.

16. Stacking their wet dishes on top like it’s a game of Tetris. 

17. Playing Xbox at 3am on a school night. It is not okay, dammit!

18. Leaving the kitchen cloth in the sink *shudder*. 

19. The same goes for wet towels on the bathroom floor.

20. Cooking fish without considering ventilation.

21. Using more than their fair share of fridge/freezer space.

22. Leaving their food to go mouldy because they forgot about it.

23. And so it sits there.

24. …And sits there before finally throwing it out—that’s if they actually get around to it.

25. Paying rent late… but that doesn’t stop them from buying a new outfit. 

26. Bringing one-night-stands home all the time.

27. Playing dubstep reeeeally loud. Guess what? Dubstep sucks.

28. Giving nil effs about the power bill and turning up the heating to emulate Dubai’s climate. 

29. Likewise, refusing to put the heating on when it’s freeeeezing. 

30. Allowing their partner to stay over so often that they should pay rent.

31. Leaving the toilet seat up. 

32. Leaving the toilet seat down. 

Image credit: Vulture

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