36 Life Lessons We Learnt From #GIRLBOSS

By Holly Nicholls
4th May 2017

If you’re a little behind the times, the lady behind NastyGal (otherwise known as Sophia Amoruso) is narcissistic enough to write a book about how to be a #GIRLBOSS and then produce her own TV show about it. But we don’t care because we just really want to be her (and not just because of her dreamy thick hair). Minus the homeless part of her life and the getting caught stealing part of her life, of course, because that’s all #GIRLBOSS pre eBay. From there, she was all about buying sparkly things from thrift shops, styling them up on a hot girl and selling it for 20 times the price. Easy right?

Oh yeah, we forgot to say she did the whole thing without a credit card from her apartment in San Francisco. Eight years later she is the CEO of a $100 million online fashion institution. Who'd have thunk it?!

Also, any TV show that emphasises the importance of The OC and re-enacts that scene where Marissa dies is the ultimate winner of Netflix.

Here are 36 life lessons we’ve learnt from #GIRLBOSS: the book, the show and the girl behind it all…

  1. Ain’t nobody got time for bad pants
  2. Always fill up your car when the fuel light comes on
  3. Cranberry juice helps… you know…that old chestnut 
  4. Always choose memory foam
  5. Money looks better in your bank account than on your feet
  6. No one needs Marc Jacobs
  7. It’s about dollar dollar bills y’all
  8. The OC is the greatest TV show of all time
  9. Pride is in the details
  10. It’s cool to be kind
  11. Adulthood isn’t where dreams go to die
  12. Cash is king
  13. Crazy is doing the same thing and expecting different results
  14. Hoard, haggle, pay, leave 
  15. Don’t chew gum in an interview
  16. Opinions are like assholes—everyone’s got one
  17. You’re a lot more dangerous in leather pants
  18. Stop complaining 
  19. Bitches are taking over the world
  20. Know when to throw the punches and when to roll with them
  21. Christmas trees require upper body strength
  22. Don’t get high on your own success 
  23. Never trust a drummer in a band
  24. You prolly want to get that hernia sorted 
  25.  It’s OK to ask Google for the answers 
  26. You gotta get up early to get what you want 
  27. Always be a work in progress
  28. It pays to buy a bra that fits 
  29. You don’t get what you don’t ask for 
  30. Sometimes you’re just too busy to get busy
  31. Credit cards are the devil
  32. Be done with being a garbage person
  33. Only monsters leave voice messages 
  34. Don’t live like a CEO when you’re still a sandwich artist 
  35. The straight and narrow is not the only path to success 
  36. Never think you’re smarter than Oprah


Want more life lessons? Here are some we learnt from Girls.

Image credit: Total Sorority Move

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