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4 Reasons The Italians Win At Cheese

By Sophie Colvin
16th Dec 2016


No one does it better than the Italians, so we’ve teamed up with Peroni in a three part series to meet some of the Italian personalities who are making waves in Australia, bringing the best of the best in their industry. With a total commitment to the finer points of Italian style and a passion for their cultural heritage, consider this your masterclass in the best of Italy.  

There aren’t too many traditional Italian cheese makers left in Australia, but we were lucky enough to  catch up with That’s Amore Cheese, an Italian cheese making company based in Melbourne. Whole-heartedly committed to ‘doing things the Italian way’ That’s Amore Cheese has been built from the ground up with a focus on quality, Italian traditions and style, with a touch of humour thrown in for good measure.

There’s no doubt that Italians are the kings of cheese. Here are four reasons why.

1. Mozzarella – The Ultimate ‘Anytime’ Cheese

Mozzarella really is the ultimate anytime cheese. This might sound way too simple, but honestly, think about all the glorious times you’ve enjoyed mozzarella. Chances are it’s the cheese you have most regularly on your pizza and it’s perfect as part of a long lunch. Secretly we enjoy it by itself, tearing chunks from a fresh buffalo mozzarella ball and savouring the flavour by itself—it really is the cheese for everything!

2. Burrata – Creamy Heaven

As if regular ol’ cheese wasn’t delicious enough already, the Italians then went and invented burrata. If you’re not familiar with this cheese gift from heaven, it’s basically a ball of cheese that’s similar to Mozarella… except the centre has been filled with cream. Need we say more?

3. Diavoletti – The Cheese That Keeps On Giving

Diavoletti holds a little secret. You see, stuffed inside is a perfect green olive. And inside the olive is a tiny chilli. Diavoletti is like the pass-the-parcel of the cheese world, except that you get to enjoy the whole thing yourself. Handmade the traditional Italian way, it’s pretty clear why the Italians are winning with this one.

4. Secrets Of The Forest – The Beer Snack Flavour-Favourite

If cheese could be dark and stormy and moody, Secrets Of The Forest would be the perfect embodiment of all of these things. Secrets Of The Forest is a specialty of traditional Italian cheese making company—That’s Amore Cheese. The cheese itself is infused with flecks of truffle, is wrapped in locally sourced hay, then aged until it’s perfectly mature. The result is an earthy taste that we can’t get enough of. Our favourite way to enjoy it? Kicking back with a Peroni in hand, a good view and a few water thins.

We're beyond thrilled to partner with Peroni to bring you the Persona Peroni video series—a three part video series introducing you to some of Australia's most talented, inspiring and stylish Italians. Each edition of the series is served to you by Peroni—our go-to beer when we’re after something deliciously crisp to sip. For more great content brought to you by Peroni, Look out for our monthly Peroni What’s Trending hit-list for everything hot in your city right now, and while you’re working your way through the list, relax with a long cold Peroni at the hotspots marked with a ribbon. Buon Appetitio!

Video credit: Andy Englisch from The Phoenix Effect for The Urban List
Image credit: Michelle Jarni for The Urban List

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