40 Reasons Why A Summer Christmas Is Better Than A Winter Christmas

By Peter Tzimos
21st Dec 2016

why summer christmas is better than winter christmas

As much as I love watching Christmas movies, and as iconic as Love Actually is in our psyche, winter Christmases aren’t all fairy lights and Rodrigo Santoro.

Think blizzards that snow in all your plans, a nose that never stops running, and so many layers of clothes you won’t stop making jokes about Shrek and onions.

Just in case you needed some convincing, here are 40 reasons why a summer Christmas is better than a winter Christmas:

  1. The weather is relatively bearable (the word relatively is there for a reason)
  2. You won’t lose any of your toes to frostbite.
  3. No ugly jumpers!
  4. Just less clothing in general.
  5. No dry, tasteless turkey.
  6. No cranberry sauce that has been in the fridge since November 2014.
  7. Icy poles.
  8. Any form of ice cream.
  9. People dressed as Santa on the beach (most likely a red speedo and a Christmas hat)
  10. The best BBQ of the year.
  11. Pool parties.
  12. Poolside cocktails.
  13. Literally anything in or near a pool.
  14. No eggnog.
  15. Fresh seafood.
  16. Fruit platters.
  17. Carols by Candlelight.
  18. D-grade celebrities wish you a Merry Christmas on live TV.
  19. Showing up to your Christmas party in shorts.
  20. Watching all your co-workers get trashed at the Christmas party because it’s too hot not to drink.
  21. Not spilling alcohol on your trousers because you’re wearing shorts.
  22. Sunglasses to cover up a festive hangover are proportionately less awkward in summer than winter.
  23. Backyard cricket games.
  24. Frosé with Christmas lunch.
  25. Air conditioning in shopping centres on Boxing Day.
  26. Rooftop bars with Christmas lights.
  27. We don’t call prawns shrimp, and we eat them fresh—like the cultured people that we are.
  28. We slog way too much beer and end up hammered—like the uncultured people that we are.
  29. Everyone ups their salad game and competes at Christmas lunch.
  30. Tim Tams that are almost inedible because they’ve melted (almost).
  31. Trifle.
  32. Watching winter Christmas movies in 35-degree heat.
  33. The beach.
  34. THE BEACH.
  35. Christmas-themed swimwear.
  36. Dogs in Christmas hats at the beach riding lil’ cute surfboards (I’ve seen it - or dreamt it).
  37. Watching Christmas movies in outdoor cinemas.
  38. Department store Christmas window displays.
  39. Christmas-themed markets that you won’t freeze in.
  40. Ice-skating (where possible) because it’s hilariously ironic.

Given that it is summer, you may as well make the most of it. Here are 50 things to do this summer.

Image credit: Frederico Giampieri

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