46 Questions Vegans Are Asked Every Single Day

By Angela Law
23rd Mar 2017

things vegans hate

When you tell your friends/mum/friend’s mum that you’re a vegan, you’re opening a Pandora’s box of questions. Everything from the funny, to the silly, and even the downright ridiculous; you will be asked at least one on a daily basis. 

Some of them are jokes (we hope), but others are said with such sincerity that you feel like the asker is owed an answer—so there begins the challenge of finding an answer for a question that shouldn’t really exist in the first place. 

These are a few of our favourite questions that all vegans will be asked at some point, and if you haven’t been, well, you will. 

1.    Wait, you’re what?
2.    What’s a vegan?
3.    Why would you do this to yourself?
4.    No really, whyyyyy would you do this to yourself?
5.    So you don’t eat meat?
6.    Or dairy?
7.    Or eggs? 
8.    Even if you raised the chickens in your backyard and promised to give them hugs every single day?
9.    How about fried chicken? 
10.    So is your dog vegan? 
11.    Your cat?
12.    Your mum’s best friend?
13.    So where do you get your protein? *Said in a smug ‘gotcha’ voice that has become all too familiar.
14.    Imagine you’re on an island and the only thing left to eat was a wild animal, THEN would you eat it?
15.    But it’s natural to eat meat—the cavemen used to do it?
16.    But I knooow that you haven’t given up cheese—no one can give up cheese. 
17.    How about goat’s milk cheese—does that still count?
18.    Wait, YOU DON’T EAT HONEY?
19.    Are you still vegan? *Says friend that you haven't seen in three hours. 
20.    How ‘bout now?
21.    Isn’t it awful?
22.    Ooooh, it's a religious thing, right? 
23.    Is bread vegan?
24.    Do you miss bacon? 
25.    Is butter vegan?
26.    But you eat fish, yeah?
27.    Aren’t your shoes leather? *Said in that awful, smug ‘gotcha’ tone we mentioned earlier
28.    So you, like, only eat vegetables?
29.    But what about the people who pick the fruit and vegetables?
30.    Don't you care about them?
31.    Or the vegetables themselves? They’re living things, so don’t you care about THEM?
32.    You’re killing the vegetables!
33.    Your groceries must be so expensive though, right? 
34.    Is it fine if I only buy humanely slaughtered animals? 
35.    My bone broth was made from grass fed cows, so it’s fiiiiiine—they were super happy.
36.    I’ve seen photos of the farm. Trust me, they were happy.
37.    Doesn't being a vegan make you weak? 
38.    Where do you get your calcium? You doooo know that you need milk for strong bones, don’t you? 
39.    How about iron? 
40.    Soy’s really bad for you and your hormones, you know. 
41.    Apparently it causes cancer. 
42.    So your vegan diet will kill you. 
43.    You're a danger to society and yourself. 
44.    Don't you just want to pack it in every time you see a big fat cheeseburger? 
45.    Wasn't Hitler a vegetarian? 
46.    Jealous? *Said through a mouthful of fried chicken. 

Not a vegan? Check this out.

Image credit: DigitalSpy.com

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