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5 Autumn Beauty Tips With Sodashi’s Megan Larsen

By Tessa Gallagher
22nd Mar 2016

Autumn Beauty Tips

With a passion for natural therapies, health and wellbeing, one of our fave Perth boss ladies—Sodashi’s creative powerhouse and founder, Megan Larsen, has spent the past 20 years dedicating her knowledge and her very own hands to crafting her beautiful range of chemical-free skincare products.

These products—which have become popular for their concentrated mix of high-quality plant essence and regenerative effects—are now in more than 70 luxury hotels, resorts and stand-alone spas in 25 countries globally, so we thought who better to give us some epic beauty tips!

We took five with Megan to get the lowdown on her five tips for glowing skin this autumn.

1. Exfoliate

Summer skin can start to look a little sun damaged and thickened as a result of days in the sun and outdoors. Gentle and regular exfoliation removes the build-up of dead skin cells, reduces fine lines and ensures your serums and moisturisers penetrate and work more effectively, leaving your skin brighter and more luminous.

2. Change Your Moisturiser

The days are becoming shorter, the air is getting cooler and adjusting to an autumn skin care routine will help your skin repair any summer damage and prepare your skin for winter. You may have found a moisturiser that works just fine in summer, but as weather conditions change, so too, should your skin care products. As the weather starts to get cooler, your skin can start to lose its glow and lustre. Set aside oil fighting products in favour of hydration boosting and nourishing products. The Sodashi Calming Face and Neck Moisturiser with a rose oil blend gives the skin a real boost of hydration. Also, if you have time in the evening after cleansing, take some time to massage your face with your favourite face oil so that it penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin.

3. Protect Your Lips

Moisturise your lips and the surrounding skin with a good quality natural moisturiser every day, and gently buff for soft, supple lips this season. I always have Sodashi’s Eye and Lip Smoother in my handbag so I can apply throughout the day.

4. Don’t Forget Your Body And Hands!

Salt water, chlorine and sun may have left your skin feeling dry and flaky. Use a body exfoliant and body lotions to rehydrate. For a more intensive treatment, layer a body oil and a body lotion. A good application of nourishing hand cream morning and night will help your hands stay supple and soft this season.

5. Keep Up Your Water Intake

In the summer, with the soaring temperatures in Perth, we’re always reaching for the water to keep our fluids up, and this in turn keeps our skin glowing. As the weather cools though, our water intake can slow down too, so make sure to continue to drink lots of water. It’s part of looking after your beauty from the inside out!

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Image credit: Sodashi

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