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Summer Beauty Hacks For Sweaty Nights

By Alice McGenniss-Destro
9th Jan 2016

Keeping makeup from melting all over the place as the humidity rises is a serious art form.

Keeping your makeup from melting down your face as the humidity rises is a serious art form. We know, we know - running mascara, patchy bronzer, and faded lipstick are just some of our holiday season beauty woes too.  

But don’t sweat it - to stay fresh-faced after a few (too many) hours of sipping champagne and nibbling on hors d’oeuvres, try your hand at these heat and humidity-proof beauty hacks. 

No Seriously, PRIMER. 

We like to think of primer as a kind of rubber cement. It will seal off sweat, and glue foundation and bronzer evenly across your face. Primer is key to ‘saving face’. It’s important to make sure that you choose a primer according to your skin type - oily skin should opt for pore-minimising, normal to combination should look for tone-correcting, and dry skin needs a hydrating formula. Use your fingertips to blend the primer across your T-zone and cheeks.

With most formulas, a little goes a long way - so you should only have to use a small amount. Let the primer sink in for about five minutes before applying any makeup. 

Go Light or Longwear  

When it’s just too hot for foundation- we’re talking the upper 30s and 40s - a BB cream will hydrate your skin, cover blemishes and a leave you with a natural, sunkissed base.  If you’re after a little more coverage, a long-lasting formula will do the trick. Designed for up to 15-hour wear, long-lasting foundations boast hydrating properties, high coverage, and have been formulated to withstand humidity and heat.  

#PROTIP: When you apply foundation, use a soft bristle brush to apply it in criss-cross stokes- this will keep it from looking streaky - should sweat happen to break through. 

Ditch Powder Blush 

Powder-based makeup tends to smudge as the mercury rises, so shake up your beauty routine in favour of a lighter fare. Easy to apply with your fingertips, a cream-based blush will help you maintain that dewy summer look with ease. 

Use Wax Brow Eyeliner 

The world’s current obsession with defined, bold brows doesn’t seem to be shifting anytime soon. To keep your arches on point, opt for a wax-based brow pencil. Boasting superior staying power, wax pencils are perfect for extending your brow’s tail, and covering obvious gaps. 

Powder Your Lipstick 

If you don’t have a longwear lip shade handy, but you want the stain to last a bit longer, apply a light dusting of translucent powder over your lips. This technique will seal the colour and remove excess oil. Alternatively, just stick to one-bite canapés and everything should stay put!

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