5 Foods Your Abs Are Gonna Love

By Charlotte Revill
21st Mar 2016

foods your abs are going to love

Find me a girl who likes her stomach, and I wouldn’t know whether to cry with jealousy or beg her to share her secrets. We are all guilty of being our harshest critics when it comes to our bodies—in fact a study tells us 65% of girls would change their tummy first if they had the chance.

The bad news is, you could crunch yourself into a coma and still not have the abs to show for it. You see, if you really want to see results then you need to make sure you’re not just exercising but eating properly as well: it’s all about finding the perfect combination of both. A healthy diet is crucial—and these foods are exactly what your abs have been waiting for, so don’t let them down now.

Give that plank a break for a sec, and try this natural step to ease any lingering bloating and digestion troubles that never makes anyone feel amazing. Add more of these into your diet and you’ll not only see the difference in your stomach, but feel it too. Here are 5 foods your abs are going to love.


A handful of nuts or some good old nut butter is a great way to give your body some healthy proteins. They’re high in mono-saturated fats that are known for reducing belly fat. Try a handful of almonds to snack on throughout the day—they are a great source of magnesium, and a crucial mineral to add to your body to produce energy and build and maintain muscle tissue.


A recent study showed a link between obesity and vitamin D deficiency—an important vitamin that aids weight loss, and an MVP you are going to want on your side. So, did you know that mushrooms are the only natural plant source of vitamin D? Such a nutritionally dense food, mushrooms are great for the body. Hook us up.


Is there anything that spinach can’t do? You’ve never met such a show-off—there’s a good reason we cram so much of the stuff into every meal possible. High in nutrients and fibre, but low in calories, add a handful into your smoothie post workout for a boost to your metabolism and a treat for those aching abs. They’ll thank you.


Yoghurt is a great belly food, as it is full of natural probiotics that are amazing for your digestion as well as beating abdominal fat. The high levels of proteins in natural yoghurt boosts your metabolism, eases bloating, and sustains that feeling of fullness for longer. Any food that helps fight off those afternoon cravings is fine by me... Pass me that bowl of Greek yoghurt and honey pronto.


It’s that detox broken record that we never stop hearing about, but funnily enough there’s good reason for it… because it’s true. Hot water and lemon is a bloating godsend, and a great way to start the day. The soothing properties will ease any discomfort, and flush out those toxins residing in your poor stomach. Plus, if your sweet tooth is causing a problem in your quest for that flat stomach, adding more lemon into your diet might be the fix you’ve been looking for. 

Bikini season has never looked so promising—especially if the biggest workout you'll need to do this month is to get eating. Finally, an exercise we can all get on board with.  

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Image credit: Daniel Maddock, Model Inspiration Blog, 4 BP Blog

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