5 Things You’re Doing Wrong When You Eat Japanese

By Sophie Colvin
10th Nov 2016

Table manners, restaurant etiquette and long-standing national traditions—dining on another country’s cuisine can be a minefield of do’s and don’ts.

We met up with the good folk at Saké to set the record straight; they talked us through five very common mistakes that we all make, and how to avoid them. Everything from the way you handle your chopsticks to the correct way to dip that perfect morsel of nigiri, we’ve got you covered with this video.

Here’s our version of Eating Japanese: 101. 


1.Don’t Mix Your Wasabi And Soy

While plenty of people do this, it doesn’t make it right. The flavours of wasabi and soy are intended to be enjoyed separately. They each effect the other, so mixing the two is a definite no-no.

2.Don’t Eat Your Pickled Ginger And Sushi Together

The pickled ginger that commonly comes with your sushi is intended to be a palate cleanser, not an added flavour for your sushi. Enjoy a little ginger between dishes to clear the palate and enjoy the next dish.

3.Don’t Rub Your Chopsticks Together

This is a simple one! Rubbing your chopsticks together is considered very rude in just about all Asian cultures. It’s considered to be an indication that you think the venue is cheap, and this you need to smooth off the chopsticks.

4.Don’t Dip Your Nigiri Rice In Soy

We’re not saying don’t dip you’re nigiri in soy, we’re just advising you dip it fish-side down. The rice soaks up too much soy and will fall apart.

5.Don’t Stick Your Chopsticks In Your Rice

Need to take a break but not sure what to do with your chopsticks? Don’t stick them in your rice. In Japanese culture, this reminds people of a funeral, where there is incense. Instead, place them across your soy dish, parallel with your body.

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Imagecredit: Griffin Simm for The Urban List 

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