5 Ways to Get HAPPY

By Pip Jarvis
3rd Feb 2015

Ah, happiness. We recognise it in others—those smug ba*tards who rock around with beatific smiles, looking like the cat that got the Crème de la Mer— but it’s harder to manifest in yourself, amirite?

So what’s the answer? Wine? Chocolate? Sex? All three, simultaneously? Spoiler alert, Listers—the path to happiness isn’t through hedonistic pursuits (plus wine + choc + sex = messy!).

To help you put a smile on your dial, we’ve enlisted the help of our favourite Happiness Guru, Jessica Groom, to let us in on five little happy hacks you can try today.

1. Be grateful

‘Gratitude, or ‘the BIG G’ as I like to call it, means being thankful for everything! It means counting your blessings, noticing the simple things, and praising everything that happens to you on a daily basis.’

‘Gratitude helps you to focus on what you do have, not what you don’t have, and by doing this you are opening yourself up to what this wonderful world can offer you. Giving thanks makes you happier and more resilient; it improves health and reduces stress.’

2. Be kind

Stand up for the old lady on the bus, give your flatmate a hug if she’s having a crappy day, and never be afraid to smile at that stranger.

‘A simple smile can brighten someone’s morning and that is my gift to them; it’s free, easy, and by making someone else smile, it makes me smile.’

3. Be mindful

‘Just stop for a moment right now, and consider just how valuable this present moment is. You are living it right now. This moment is all there truly is.’

‘If you can learn to master your mind and stay with this moment, you will transform your life into a far more liberating and joyous experience.  Instead of struggling to get away from experiences we find difficult, we practice being able to be with them.’

4. Eat happy (aka the bit where we don’t condone eating doughnuts, cough*)

‘Eating well is so important in so many ways. You need to eat a balanced diet; your gut is like your second brain and needs to be looked after. Cut down on sugar. Your body is a temple, treat it that way.’

‘Your food is your fuel and if you are using the cheap stuff you ain’t gonna be performing at your highest potential.’

* Just kidding. We always condone that.

5. Explore... 

‘Something new—is there a restaurant, coffee shop, park, store, friend’s house you haven’t been to before but have always wanted to check out? Go there.’

Because we (and the Happiness Guru) said so, Listers!

Jessica Groom is a writer, mind coach, and happiness guru! She is also a trained Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner. (Which basically means she helps people explore the relationships between how they think, communicate, and behave.) According to Jessica, ‘Undeniable, real, honest happiness comes from within. No-one else can make us feel this kind of happy.’ (Not even that doughnut—sad face).  

Image Credit: Camille Styles

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