50 Things Every Australian Remembers From Their Childhood

By Catherine Blake
30th Jun 2016

What’s that you hear? It’s the sound of an impending flashback. Strap in kids, things are about to get nostalgic and sentimental AF.   Here’s 50 things that we all have fond memories of as Aussie kids:

  1. Listing Toucan Sam on the Froot Loops box as your personal hero.
  2. Measuring your worth by your collection of Tazos.
  3. Rewinding your videocassettes before returning them to the rental store.
  4. Rigging your chatterbox to predict a glowing future.
  5. Collecting plush toys of the Sydney Olympics mascots.
  6. Beginning your weekend itinerary with Saturday Disney.
  7. Getting a bindi in your foot and trying to hobble to safety without stepping on another one. 
  8. Putting Cheezels on every one of your fingers and singing ‘The Twelve Days Of Christmas’.
  9. The frozen poppers in your lunchbox making you’re the rest of your lunch soggy .
  10. One three double O six triple fiiiiiive O six.
  11. Washing your face with orange juice and wondering why you ever thought this was a good idea.
  12. Getting unduly competitive on the handball court.
  13. Honestly believing that Agro was your spirit animal.
  14. Writing your lunch order for the tuckshop on a brown paper bag.
  15. John Howard’s on fleek brows.
  16. Having water fights with the sprinkler because you didn’t know anyone with a pool.
  17. Being duped into thinking that Butter-Menthols were a type of lolly.
  18. Flipping lid every time the Home Ice-Cream truck struck up its brutal rendition of Greensleaves.
  19. Having to listen to the sound of dial-up Internet connecting before you could bobba around on Habbo Hotel.
  20. Playing on trampolines without netted enclosures and somehow managing to survive.
  21. Knowing it was time to leave the room when the original logo and theme music of ABC News came on.
  22. Getting all your pop culture knowledge from Fantale wrappers.
  23. Gloating about all your spare change you sacrificed to your Dollarmites account.
  24. Perfecting the ratio of two parts milk to one part Milo.
  25. Lusting over Marty McFly’s self-lacing sneakers.
  26. Flaunting your mood ring like it contained a fragment of the Taylor-Burton diamond.
  27. Getting into heated playground disputes over the definition of ‘girt’.
  28. Scaring yourself stupid watching Freaky Stories.
  29. Memorising the names of all the ships in the First Fleet.
  30. Regarding your Furby as the ultimate companion.
  31. Belting out bush-themed Christmas carols with a glow stick in each hand.
  32. Coveting your best friend’s Gameboy Colour.
  33. The discordant aural assault of 23 recorders playing ‘Waltzing Matilda’.
  34. Picking all the bananas and chicos out of a bag of Party Mix.
  35. Going wild trying to predict which clock Play School was going to read the time from.
  36. Watching in awe and wonder as Mr. Squiggle drew stuff with his nose. 
  37. Making an absolute mess of your shins learning to rollerblade without kneepads.
  38. Spelling ‘boobs’ on your Casio calculator.
  39. Not really understanding any of the jokes on Daria but watching it anyway because there was partial nudity and it was a cartoon.
  40. Calling assembly ‘parade’, despite a distinct lack of any floats.
  41. Knowing that the quadrangle was THE place to hang out.
  42. Uncle Toby was the hero of the lunchtime swapsies.
  43. Perfecting the art of finishing a Zooper Dooper without cutting the sides of your mouth.
  44. Accidentally killing your Tamagotchi.
  45. Racing home to watch ‘Round The Twist’ and moon over Pete.
  46. Having eight weeks of Christmas holidays and still feeling like it wasn’t enough.
  47. Desperately rifling through your bag to find a Ten Trip Bus Saver ticket that wasn’t all used up.
  48. The release of a new Harry Potter book was like Christmas, Easter and your birthday all coming at once.
  49. By the way everyone freaked out over finding one, gold coins were almost worth their weight in gold.
  50. Going on a school trip to Canberra just to prove everything they told you in class about the décor of the House of Representatives was legit.

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