51 Signs You’re In A Long Term Relationship

By Ange Law
10th Nov 2017


Ahhh the joys of being in a long term relationship. Some days it’s all blissed out vibes and other days it’s just one big series of hilarious fights. At the end of the day though, having someone else to pay for your Netflix is just a bloody dream. 

Here are 51 signs you’re in a long term relationship.

  1. Once upon a time you worried about things like clean hair and shaved legs.
  2. Those days are long gone, my friend.
  3. For reals, shaving your legs is a VERY special occasion only situation.
  4. And on the flip side, you know you’ll have to plan something EXTRA good to make it worth her while. 
  5. You tag your SO in stupid Facebook posts daily. 
  6. And these comics are way too real. 
  7. You’ve given up on pretending three days without your boo isn’t a long time.
  8. Oh, and you’ll be PISSED if they go to bed without at least texting you good night. 
  9. Honestly, WTF are you supposed to do when they’re not around.
  10. LOL JK. Have a wild night out with your mates Eat all your feelings while slobbing out on the couch.
  11. Half of your pyjamas used to be his real life clothing.  
  12. You’re used to your girl stealing all your good t-shirts.
  13. Add a belt and voila! New dress. 
  14. Date night = trackies + Netflix + legit chill.
  15. The secret to a long and happy relationship? Two television sets. 
  16. You’ve taken the magical steps into parenthood… of your beloved fur baby, that is. 
  17. Choosing what to eat for dinner is 1000x more difficult now.
  18. Seriously, you’re far too familiar with that particular Friday night fight. 
  19. Then you fight about who has to order it. 
  20. Two words: shotty not.
  21. It’s totally acceptable, nay encouraged to do two UberEats orders if you’re craving something different. 
  22. But if their food arrives first, you’ll just steal their food anyway. 
  23. Their favourite TV shows will eventually become yours too.
  24. And you will cut them if they watch an episode without you.
  25. Your mum is no longer your emergency contact.
  26. Waking up to a coffee delivery in bed is rare, but also the most beautiful thing in the world *hint hint*.
  27. You now read horoscopes for two.
  28. Your Netflix recommendations will forever be ruined by their truly terrible taste in TV shows (or obsession with true crime docos).
  29. Ditto for Spotify. 
  30. Also for Stan (you get it).
  31. Real love is being the only couple in a movie cinema watching How to be Single… on your anniversary.
  32. Your definition of getting dressed up has changed dramatically. 
  33. And you kind of wish you never set the bar so high in the first place. 
  34. But let’s be real, they don’t give a shit anyway.
  35. Racing your SO up the driveway to your car is a daily occurrence. 
  36. You’ve either dished out or been on the receiving end of some serious PMS.
  37. And now know that it’s not a pleasant time for anyone. 
  38. Let’s be real, he can see that time of the month coming a mile off.
  39. Even though you’ve told them the same childhood memory five times (minimum) they still sit and patiently listen.
  40. Because they know how upset you’ll get if you tell them you’ve heard it already.
  41. Leaving one sip of milk in the carton then putting it back in the fridge is just a fun way to lovingly mess with them.
  42. Snuggles are the best antidote for...well, anything. 
  43. A series of emojis is equivalent to an actual IRL chat.
  44. You know their credit card details by heart (and don’t even use them without permission).
  45. You’ve both been known to forget an anniversary or an important date in your relationship’s history.
  46. And you’re both ok with it because that’s real love. 
  47. But if you forget their birthday you better bloody watch out. 
  48. They will never forget.
  49. You get legit joy out of watching them squirm when you talk about having babies, even if you aren’t the slightest bit ready.
  50. If you’re not married, everyone in your family has started putting the pressure on.
  51. You know each other better than you know yourselves.

Single? We can tell you why, based purely on your star sign. 

Image credit: The O.C

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