6 Hidden Perks To Look For When Booking Your Next International Trip

By Elise Cullen
18th Nov 2019

If you’ve been bitten hard by the travel bug, like us, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of flicking on your out of office and jetting off overseas. And regardless of how often you travel, you want to ensure the long-haul journey to your alluring destination is everything it can be⁠—and more.

Flying business or first-class on an international flight is certainly the dream but if you’re kickin’ it back in economy (don’t worry, us too), flying like a VIP without any extra cost can be easier than you think. From extra baggage allowance and free seat allocation to cocktail carts and amenity kits, we’ve curated a list of all the hidden perks you should be looking out for when booking your next ‘Gram-worthy international trip.

Free Seat Allocation

If you book through a budget airline, your flights might appear to be cheap upfront, but many of the hidden costs, including seat allocations, surface after you’ve hit book. Often, your flights can end up costing you more than the expensive airlines would. Shortly after you book with any reputable airline, be sure to go to manage your booking and choose the best seat available—the earlier you book the more seats to choose from. Whether you’re a window or aisle person (surely no one prefers a middle seat, right?!), rest easy in the lead up to your flight knowing you have the seat you want. Cue the movie marathon.

30kg Luggage Allowance

The bar has been set. For some international flights from Australia, baggage allowance should be two bags weighing up to 30 kilograms, so be sure to check before you spend your hard-earned coin on return flights. Depending on how long you’re travelling for, 30 kilograms should be more than enough to cover your travel essentials; you certainly don’t want to be stung at the airport for extra baggage, especially on the way back when you’re carting a few “necessary” extras.

Amenity Kits

You don’t have to be a baller in first-class to reap first-class-style benefits. Some airlines offer amenity kits in economy too. Little touches like personal amenity kits can add that extra bit of comfort on a long-haul flight and can include things like socks, earplugs, an eye mask, a dental kit and even sometimes lip balm, so do your research when booking to see what hidden gems your airline offers.

Cocktail Cart

Toasting to your trip is mandatory, we say, but did you know some airlines offer delicious cocktail carts in economy? Now, you can branch out from your usual sauvignon and celebrate with tasty tipple. It’s a perk we’re fully on board with so when you’re perusing the in-flight menu prior to booking (just us?), check if the airline offers a cocktail cart too.

Airlines Alliances

If you haven’t heard of the airline, they might be part of an airline alliance that contributes to your usual points carrier back here in Australia. And affiliate group means it’s all in the family. If you’re already part of a Frequent Flyer program, be sure to suss out which airlines are affiliated with that carrier, so you can not only rack up your points and open the perks floodgate but you can often be treated to a little extra attention from staff because...well, you’re family after all. 

Variety Of Flight Routes 

Chaotic airports can be hard to avoid, especially when you’re ticking off some big bucket list items in either Europe or the States. When booking, look for airlines that have a variety of flight routes to various destinations so you can choose the best path to avoid the most congested airports and ultimately alleviate any dreaded and unnecessary airport stress. Glide through check-in and security like the VIP you’ve always been.

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