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7 Fun Date Night Ideas To Do This Month

By Leni Andronicos
30th Aug 2017

If you’re anything like us, your once beloved mid-week date night consisting of new outfits and new restaurants has turned into finding your cleanest (and stretchiest) pair of comfy pants, ordering UberEATS and settling in for a night of House of Cards re-runs.

So, if you consider yourself in a date night rut too, we’ve teamed up with our mates at Village Roadshow to celebrate the release of IT (yep, it’s based on that creepy AF Stephen King novel) by putting together a round-up of fun new ideas (that don’t involve ordering the same thing you’ve ordered 7283 times at your local) to try with your S/O this month. You’re welcome!

#1 Host Your Own Haunted Drinking Tour

Take your boo (#soz, we had to) on a haunted drinking tour through the city’s creepiest pubs before heading to a late-night screening of IT. The movie is based on Stephen King’s 1986 novel, which follows the story of a band of friends confronted with a child-eating clown (so, you know, not disturbing AT ALL). It features Finn Wolfhard (aka everyone’s favourite Stranger Things character Mike) and rumour has it it’s equal parts epic and terrifying. We. Are. Pumped.

#2 Take A DIY Wine Tour

What would you say if we told you that you didn’t have to pack an overnighter and road trip 4 hours out of town to enjoy a wine tour? We know right. MIND. BLOWN. Make your way through the best wine bars in your city, stopping by for a glass (or five) at each. Bonus points for choosing venues within walking distance of each other.

#3 Head On A (Mini) Road Trip

We know, we know, travelling further than your closest sushi train is suuuch an effort, but hear us out. Pick a destination about an hour from where you live — it could be anything from a new beachside restaurant to a small town’s local landmark — and explore a new area. It’ll give you the chance to discover something new, plus the road trip dramz (there’s sure to be some) will make for a great future story.

#4 Make Homemade Pasta

Get your nonna on and impress your date with a homemade meal. Gnocchi is the easiest for first-timers, and you don’t need a pasta machine which makes things easy. All you need is one potato, one cup of plain flour and one egg. And guys, please don’t forget the wine and burrata.

#5 Go To A Karaoke Bar

Who ever said karaoke was a group sport? Hit up your local karaoke joint after dinner, and show them how you really feel in a drunken duet. When in doubt, Nelly and Kelly Rowland’s “Dilemma” can’t be beat.

#6 Eat A Dessert-Only Dinner

The best part about being an adult? Eating dessert for dinner and having no one say anything about it. Pick up your date and surprise them with a dessert degustation for dinner and watch the marriage proposal rolllll on through.

#7 Have A Three-Course Dinner At Three Different Venues

Here at The Urban List, we know that school taught us one thing: food = life. So, put the curriculum to good use and head out for a three-course dinner at three separate venues for a dinner date of epic proportions. 

IT hits cinemas Australia-wide from September 7. 

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