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7 Ideas For Epic Weekend Friend Dates

By Rachel Lay
10th Nov 2017

Weekend dates

There’s no time like the weekend to gather up your best mates and get your explore on. There’s the sunshine, the amazing company, the memories…it’s all win-win, really. Don’t you dare waste another second of your valuable weekend by texting, “what should we do” because, dear readers, we’ve done all the work for you…just pick one of these fun-filled adventures and call it a day.

You’re welcome.

But, we can’t take all the credit for these dates ourselves, we’ve teamed up with Johnnie Walker to put together this fun-filled list in celebration of their new Johnnie & Ginger drink which just so happens to be perfect for weekends.

Ready to get started? Let’s do this!

#1 Set Yourself Up For Picnic Success

Summer is the undeniable season of picnics. So pack yourself a basket filled to the brim with deliciousness, think: soft and hard cheeses, a case of Johnnie and Ginger, fruits, and Heads Up! downloaded on your phone ready to go. Head to an alcohol-friendly park, or, if all else fails, set up shop in your backyard and picnic in your pajamas. Need a hand planning? Here's our go-to guide food-wise, and here's our favourite places to picnic. 

#2 Make A Ridic Cheese Board

You know the rules by now: cheese boards must go with alcohol (ICYMI here's how to nail it). So, grab your pals, blow your pay-day spoils on cheese, and give your Johnnie & Ginger a  glow-up with lime, ice, and a whole heap of Insta stories.  Just don’t forget a killer playlist and board games (no social gathering is complete without Monopoly, tbh). 

#3 Get Active

Spring has well and truly sprung people, and what better way to get in touch with nature than by getting amongst it? Answer: there’s literally no better way. If you’re in Queensland you’ve just got to check out these waterfalls, and Sydney, we bet you didn't know these places even existed, Melbourne, don't think we forgot about you either because these hikes have your name written all over them. 

#4 Go On A Restaurant Crawl

You’ve heard of bar crawls, but have you heard of a restaurant crawl? Probs not. Gather your squad, get a notepad out, and start planning the best meal of your life. Pick a stop for pre-dinner drinks, a new spot for your entrée, another for main, another again for dessert, and wherever you’re feeling for after dinner drinks. It’s so simple, yet so much fun! If you're searching for inspiration, why not start your night with burgers or some doughnuts for a cheeky dessert?

#5 If All Else Fails, Netflix

If there’s anyone that’s there for us as much as our friends are (perhaps a little more) it’s Netflix. So hit the shops, stock up on your fave OG snacks, grab a case of Johnnie & Ginger and get stuck into a new show. And by “stuck into” we absolutely mean spend 12 hours straight devouring a new series. Cocktails and Netflix at home? Hell yeah. As if you needed another reason to head home to your beloved (er, Netflix, that's you) we've rounded up everything that's dropping on Netflix month, because you've probably seen it all, tbh. 

#6 DIY Cocktails

As if your besties aren't your ultimate drinking partners?! Invite them over for a cocktail making session for the best friend date ever. Start with a bottle of Johnnie & Ginger, serve over ice, garnish with a wedge of lime and just like that you've made a cocktail!

#7 Get Your Feast On 

Look, there's really no greater joy in life than food. So gather your besties and have a good old-fashioned bake-off. If you ask us, the more extra the dish the better. We're talking doughnut HSPs, red velvet pancakes, and why not try your hand a pokè bowl, too?! Shot gun not doing the dishes, though. 

Suddenly can’t wait for the weekend? Grab a case of Johnnie & Ginger here to get started.

Editor's note: this article was produced in partnership with Johnnie Walker. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible. To read our editorial policy click here

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