8 Of The Best: Cute Korean Beauty Products

By Rachel Lay
11th Feb 2016

At The Urban List we’re all about makeup being fun. Thanks to these seriously adorbs offerings from a host of Korean brands makeup can be just that: super flippin’ fun. Obviously the packaging is the total selling point, but we’re about more than just a pretty face here, so you can rest assured that these picks do their job too, and then some.

Korean beauty is kinda the ish right now, it’s taking over the world. Sheet masks, cleansing oils, cleansing balms, lip tints, cushion foundations. The list goes on. But if you’re loving a beauty trend you can bet your bottom dollar the Korean beauty industry is to thank (or blame?) for it.

To kick off the year of ‘new you’ we’re rounding up the 8 best Korean beauty products that are killing it in the cuteness stakes.

#1 Skin Food Royal Honey Good Moisturizing Cream

Ah, finally a touch of skin care marketing that will score Ron Swanson’s tick of approval. This does what it says on the tin: it’s a good moisturizing cream. But, it’s housed in an adorable tube with a delicious scent. We’ll take 10!

#2 Peri Pera Ah Much Real My Cushion Blusher

Despite the mouthful of a name, this blush is equal parts practical and cute. With the cutest little face emblazoned on the front and a cute sponge applicator, we can’t go past this one for natural looking blush.

#3 Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream

We all know that while we whine about our dark under-eye circles, pandas the world over let out a collective sigh, ‘oh please…’ they say in unison. It’s undeniable that pandas drew the short straw when it came to under-eye circles, so obviously it makes perfect sense that pandas are the face of Tony Moly’s eye cream. Aside from being gosh darn adorable this little guy will nix your dark lines, ease redness and has SPF 30+.

#4 Tony Moly My Little Pet Wrinkle Line Patch

These patches are what we assume the phrase ‘more than a pretty face’ was coined for. We're not sure where the puppy and wrinkle link came in, but hey if it works it works. 


#5 Tony Peach Hand Cream

We're peachy keen to tend to our hands when the product is this cute. Plus, the smell is literally delicious and it makes our hands super dooper soft. 

#6 Mono Mola Lip Tattoo

Every beauty aficionado has seen those Insta vids of peel off lip tints by now, right? The product behind the hype is Mono Mola’s Lip Tattoo, and it’s bloody cute. Plus, you’ll look super cute when you’ve got it on too.

#7 Tony Moly Petit Bunny Gloss Bar

It was only natural that Tony Moly would dominate this list. Their Petit Bunny Gloss Bars are the perfect antidote to your chapped lips. They also inject a hit of colour and are the perfect ice-breaker.

#8 Too Cool For School Max Pocket

Finally, a lip balm that comes in a package with a cute cat pulling some serious resting bitch face. This is the hit of cuteness your handbag or desk needs. It also does a stellar job of moisturizing your lips while adding a hint of colour.

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