8 Of The Best Denim Skirts

By Morag Grealy
10th Jan 2016

What once may have been thought of as daggy, or skanky (depending on your hem length of choice) is now being hailed the piece of the moment for the fashion forward.

From the runway to the real way we’re seeing our fave denim brands (and all brands for that matter) use up their whole roll of denim fabric for much more than our trusty pair of jeans. Think chambray shirts, cute denim summer dresses and perhaps most serviceable of them all, the new and improved, denim skirt.

Buttoned front or frayed edges, maxi to mini, with our 8 of the best denim skirts there’s bound to be one to suit your style, shape and taste.


1. The Mini

If you’re going to wear a mini you may as well take it all the way...this One Teaspoon number is super with distressed rips and pretty much THE mini of all minis.

2. The Maxi

A denim maxi is a chance to have a little fashion fun not look like your primary school teacher in the thick of the 90s. Rachel Comey embodies what the denim maxi is all about with the frayed hem and press stud opening down the whole of the front. Just add some tan clog mule heels and a midriff off the shoulder top for the ultimate 70s boho throwback.

3. The Midi

A Midi doesn't have to be boring and this Lost Ink style proves just that: opting for a pencil style will hug your figure while the centre split is a great balance for the more demure hem-length choice.

4. The Splurge

Sometimes you gotta treat yo'self! And we think this Sonia Rykiel splurge is kinda worth it as we haven’t seen anyone else on the market work the denim mini in quite this same way...originality is invaluable ladies! Right?


5. The Great Value

And sometimes you gotta know when to save your pennies / fold em. We think this H&M button and pocketed mini is a classic staple and at just $30 an unbelievable bargain.

6. The ‘It’ Skirt

An IT skirt, designed by and IT girl for an IT company to be worn by IT customers. Need we say more? If there’s only one denim skirt you opt for this season, dare we say the Kety Lonestar by Alexa Chung for AG Jeans should be IT?

7. The Fashion Forward

Hailed as current fashion wunderkind, nobody has quite the same way with denim as Marques Almeida. Epic frays, asymmetry and draping, this skirt is basically a piece of art.

8. The Wardrobe Wildcard

Steve J and Yoni P have quite the hyped denim range right now. If you’re one for doing things slightly differently this ‘Shirt Skirt’ could be just the piece to make it into your wardrobe wildcard category!

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