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8 Of The Best Products for Blonde Hair

By Bree Nowland
19th Nov 2015

best products for blonde hair

We’re not sure who coined the term “blondes have more fun”—but we’re convinced they must’ve considered pamper parties that involved deep-conditioning hair treatments part of said fun. Why, you ask? Well because blonde bombshells require a hell-of-a-lot more upkeep than beauties with brunette locks. 

Whether you’re fair-haired by birth or bottle, you’ll know that the struggle is real when trying to keep your locks shiny, healthy and frizz-free. Blonde babes have to worry about things like chlorine turning their hair green, the sun turning their ends brassy and heat-styling leaving their locks brittle. But it’s not all bad news, with just a couple of hero products and little tender love and care—your crowning glory of sun-kissed, golden locks will be the envy of many this summer. 

For natural blondes (and those that have had a little help), those with balayaged-ends or subtle highlights; now that days that involve the sun, the sea and lots of styling (hello social season!) are just around the corner, we’ve rounded up eight of the best products to keep your locks light, bright and beautiful.


#1 A protective product to use prior to your shampoo

You heard right, a pre-shampoo product. We know what you’re thinking; this is just an excuse to add another step to my grooming routine. But we bet you didn’t know that minerals and metals in your tap water can penetrate porous hair and cause discoloration… Protect your hair from the get-go and say goodbye to split ends by investing in this revolutionary new product from Kerastase to treat seriously damaged and over-processed hair. This velvety, lightweight conditioning treatment is applied to hair prior to shampooing; it binds the hair fibre and protects it while you wash. 

Kerastase Soin Premier Therapiste available at Kerastase salons nationally.

#2 A luxe shampoo and conditioner duo to keep brass at bay

Blonde bombshells know the power of a purple shampoo and conditioner all too well (we’re sure your hairdresser has drilled it into you). Illuminate your locks and keep brassy or yellow tones far, far away with this shampoo and conditioner that’s been infused with pure violet pigment. The duo is also enriched with plenty of natural ingredients (we’re talking fancy things like swiss garden cress sprouts and jojoba oil) to condition your locks and prevent moisture loss.

Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner available exclusively at Oribe hair salons.

#3 A mask to quench parched ends

This miracle mask works for all hair types, but it’s exceptionally great for blondes. evo’s The Great Hydrator is a hydrating treatment that moisturises, conditions and protects locks whilst boosting shine and reducing frizz, basically answering all of your hairs dreams (after leaving on your lengths for just three to five minutes). If your lengths are seriously dehydrated, a tiny amount applied prior to styling on damp hair will work wonders.

evo The Great Hydrator available online.

#4 A BB Cream for your blonde locks 

There are few things we love more than a multi-tasking product… Redken’s Blonde Idol BBB (that stands for balance, beautify and brighten) Spray is one seriously hardworking product that incredibly quick and easy to use. After just a few spritzes, this spray strengthens and moisturises hair whilst detangling, controlling frizz and boosting shine. It’s like a detangler, conditioning treatment and serum all in one, making it a go-to product for both travelling and throwing in your beach bag. 

Redken Blonde Idol BBB Spray available online.


#5 A hero styling product for glamorous undone waves

One thing is for sure when it comes to hair styling… undone, messy waves that exude understated glamour were MADE for lighter locks (we’re taking notes from blonde bombshells Gigi Hadid and Sienna Miller). The perfect product to achieve this look? Sea salt spray. But, many sea salt sprays can be drying and can cause frizz… Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Infusion combines texturising sea salts with tropical oils to create perfectly undone, soft beachy waves whilst conditioning tresses and providing UV-protection. 

Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion available from Mecca

#6 Sunscreen for your hair

We all do a pretty good job of protecting our face and body in the summer sun; but most of us forget that our hair needs protection too! Blondes are particularly prone to sun damage, not only can the sun turn your locks brassy, nasty chemicals in chlorine can turn your locks green (no, that’s not an urban myth!) SACHAJUAN Hair in The Sun is a protective and nourishing cream that imparts a long-lasting UV filter to your lengths and keeps frizz at bay whilst ocean silk technology keeps your colour and toner from fading. 

SACHAJUAN Hair in the Sun available from SACHAJUAN stockists nationally.

#7 The ultimate shampoo for platinum blondes

Found your favourite conditioning treatment? Perhaps finding that your regular purple shampoo isn’t cutting it? For cool, icy blondes, Goldwell Dual Senses Silver Shampoo is a must-have. It neutralises any hint of brassiness and keeps platinum blondes looking fresh for as long as possible. It also strengthens hair fibres and provides moisture whilst delivering impeccable shine and lustre thanks to Silver Chroma Complex and Lavender extract. 

Goldwell DualSenses Refining Silver Shampoo available online.

#8 A miracle treatment for strawberry blondes

So many blonde-specific hair products are catered exclusively for cool-blondes, Shu Uemura’s latest addition to its iconic Color Lustre collection has been formulated specifically for those with warm highlights or strawberry blonde tresses. This nourishing treatment has been designed to make warm hues ‘pop’ whilst imparting mirror-like shine after leaving on wet hair for just five minutes. It’s also enriched with linseed oil and rose-musk oil to hydrate and protect. 

Shu Uemura Color Lustre Reviving Balm – Venetian Blonde available exclusively at Shu Uemura Art of Hair salons (call 1300 760 550 for your closest).

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