8 Of The Best Slogan Tees

By Brooke Falvey
8th Oct 2015

Want to get your point across without saying a word? Enter the slogan tee.

And thanks to sightings on Tay-Tay, Jessie J, Khloe Kardashian and Cara Delevingne, they’ve become a sassy wardrobe staple for spring/summer.

Team your tee or tank with everything from a sequin mini skirt or denim cut-offs to tailored pants and a blazer for the office. Or don’t worry about pants at all and just team it with tousled bed hair for the morning-after-the-night-before.

Time to get lippy and get shopping: here are 8 of the best slogan tees going around.



#1 For The Care Bear 

Pardon our French but c'est sexy de se faire du soucier'. Translation: it’s sexy to care. Whether you care about the environment, politics, the state of the country or even just your friends and family, throw on this organic and ethically made tee from Australian brand Betty Brown, and you’ll feel effortlessly sexy, everyday.

Available online from Betty Browne.

#2 For The Go Getter 

Inspired by French nautical lines, add a splash of sparkle with this Sportsgirl tee and say yes to whatever comes your way. Another cocktail? Oui! A weekend away? Oui! Another striped t-shirt? Oui!

Available online at Sportsgirl.

#3 For The Tardy

When you are rummaging through your closet feeling like you have nothing to wear, but then you suddenly think of the perfect outfit … but you’re now running late. Throw on this ILY Couture tee and admit that yes, you’re late, but looking awesome.

Available online at ILY Couture.

#4 For The Fashionista 

No, we don’t mean Karl Stefanovic; we’d rather he be our boyfriend. But if you know we’re referring to Lagerfeld and worship at his Dior-clad feet while dreaming of being front-row at Paris Fashion Week, then this is the tee for you.

Available online at ShopBop.


#5 For The Party Girl 

When you wear this tee, words aren’t even needed … simply point at the slogan on this Chaser tee, wink at the bartender and if all goes to plan you’ll have a drink in your hand in no time!

Available online at Revolve Clothing.

#6 For The Fitness Fanatic

Welcome to the gunshow. Seriously, that’s the name of this muscle tee from Victoria-based label, Babes Ride Bikes. Get ready to feel the wind in your hair as you ride along the river and prove what a babe you really are.

Available online from Babes Ride Bikes.

#7 For The Singleton

Sometimes you need to tell the Universe what it is you want. And if that’s love, there’s no better way to put it out there than with this 100% cotton tee from US brand, Sincerely Jules.

 Available online at Sincerely Jules.

#8 For The Wanderer 

Find yourself being a bit of a hopeless romantic fantasizing about a summer in paris? Grab this Lost in Paris tee from Stylestalker and hopefully someone will send you back where you belong.

Available online at Stylestalker.

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