8 Online Boutiques Worth Your Hard Earned Cash

By Phoebe McRae
19th Dec 2016

The World Wide Web is a wonderful thing. Without it we wouldn’t have online shopping, and without online shopping we wouldn’t have that one drunken purchase we can’t fit into, but refuse to throw out because we’re optimistic god damn it.

So gather round fellow online shoppers, we’re here to let you in on a little secret. Believe it or not, there are online boutiques out there that are completely regret free (would we lie to you?). With the help of our mates at Australia Post—who are all about that convenient online shopping life—we’re lifting the lid on some of the best online stores you’ve never (but should have) heard of. Take notes, kids. This is your shopping hot tip.  

Here’s our list of 8 online boutiques that are worth your hard earned cash.


If you find yourself frequently wanderlusting (guilty) and are a lover all things boho (who isn’t?), you’d be hard pressed to resist every single creation from the geniuses at Caravana. This lifestyle brand is known for its buttery leathers and colourful, exotic textiles sourced from all over the world, but produces its designs here at home. These guys are 100% ethical, meaning you can shop ‘til you drop (or ‘til your credit card declines) totally guilt-free.

The Artisan Project

The Aztec print trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so get your slice of South American delight from The Artisan Project and avoid looking like everyone else on Instagram. Direct from Ecuador, this fashion fair trade start-up sells authentic Aztec designs from necklaces to ponchos, curated for the global style set.

Honey & Co Club

Pen pals might be a thing of the past, but Australia’s new postal club for kids, Honey & Co., is literally what your childhood dreams were made of. As if getting a letter in the mail wasn’t exciting enough, Honey & Co Club is a subscription service delivering all sorts of gifts to kids once a month to promote self-esteem and good will. We don’t care that it’s for kids; we’re signing ourselves up STAT.


Flowers are always a good idea—hear that, boys?—so surprise someone (or yourself) with a bunch of LVLY’s best blooms. With the aim of creating more smiles and more surprises, the Melbourne based online gift store does the hard work for you (aka the thinking) so no matter what the occasion, you’re guaranteed a dose of good old brownie points from your chosen spoilee.

Wawa Chocolatier

Chocoholics, unite! We’ve found a new, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate bar that you can buy from the comfort of your heavenly (judgement free) couch. Handmade in Melbourne, using only locally grown and produced ingredients, Wawa Chocolatier is a work of art; delicious, decadent, edible art. With flavours like balsamic salted caramel, fried almond and sea salt, and toasted sourdough (among others), there’s no way you’ll want to share.

Camp Pineapple

Too hard-core for glamping, but can’t think of anything worse than putting up a tent, old school camping style? Meet Camp Pineapple. This ridiculously trendy, fun, easy camping store offers camping tents and accessories that literally do the hard work for you. Any festivalgoer will appreciate these colourful goodies and for everyone else, you never know when you’ll be roped into an outdoor adventure.

Emaze Me

Whether you’re a mama bear, papa bear, fairy godmother or friend, we’ve found the softest tees ever for you to gift a little one. Locally designed for mini fashionistas, they are as soft as they are affordable.100% organic, you’ll definitely want one for yourself, so even if you have no need to buy one now, at least keep it bookmarked for any buns in the oven to grow into.

BeeKeeper Parade

Ever loved a piece of clothing so much you want to rock it as a backpack? Neither. But only because we had absolutely no idea this was even possible. Thanks to the guys at Beekeeper Parade you can now send through old (or new) clothes to be transformed into a durable backpack, instead of sending them to landfill. For every backpack you buy, a child in Cambodia is sent to English class for a year, so now you have a perfectly acceptable excuse to go full hipster, while contributing to a greater cause.

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Image credit: Australia Post

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