A Magical Harry Potter Jewellery Collection Is Coming

By Anna Franklyn
13th Oct 2017


Harry Potter jewellery in general terms might not be newsworthy (for the Daily Prophet’s standards, anyway)—there are a lot of ugly golden snitch necklaces floating around on the internet in case you were wondering—but beautiful Harry Potter jewellery that we would actually wear, well that's another story.

Jewellery label Alex and Ani has partnered up with Warner Bros to create some magical and actually quite wearable Harry Potter jewellery. 

There are deathly hallows necklaces, studs and bracelets, but our favourite is the studs set featuring Harry's glasses and lightning bolt scar—they’re the cutest thing since Neville Longbottom post pubescence.

It's not available just yet, but keep an eye on their website, you don't want to miss this—we're sirius.

Need more magic in your life? Well, unicorn Froot Loops exist, so there's that.

Image credit: Alex and Ani

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