A Restaurant Dedicated Entirely To French Fries Has Opened!

By Jessica Pridmore
29th Sep 2017

french-fry-restaurant NYC

Never a truer word was spoken than the matra ‘fries before guys’ (or girls, or, well, everything frankly), because fries are literally life. That’s just straight up fact.

In what can only be described as truly life-affirming, the world’s first EVER (I know, this actually shocked us, too) restaurant dedicated to the humble French fry has just opened—and it’s exactly what we carb-loaders need in the battle against the endless stream of salad bars and juice cafes getting up in our grills.

FryGuys in NYC is the all-French fry restaurant serving up all your favourite spud incarnations: the classic French, sweet potato fries, waffle fries, classic-cut. You name it, their deep fat fryers have it all.

But what would a bowl of French fries be without toppings. We’re not just talking ketchup folks (though, can you really beat it?), FryGuys have gone all out featuring toppers like three-cheese fondue, pulled pork, fried chicken, guac and a heap of sauces (chipotle and jalapeño mayo, anyone?).

For now, this culinary triumph is only state-side, but we smell a solid 2018 food trend brewing, so cross those fingers and toes we get an Aussie version soon!

Not into potato fries (who ARE you?). Loaded doughnut fries are still totally a thing.

Image credit: FryGuys

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