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Abducted In Plain Sight Is The Messed Up Doco You Need To Watch

By Natasha Gamra
6th Feb 2019

Get ready for the creepiest doco to hit Netflix so far, and we’re warning you, this is going to make you queasy. If you’re obsessed at the moment with the overload of true crime series and podcasts about, then you’ll need to add this to your list. It’s disturbing, disgusting and downright distressing.

Abducted In Plain Sight tells the story of 12-year-old Jan Broberg who was kidnapped twice in a two-year period by the same man – her mother and father’s family friend and neighbour, Robert Berchtold. Robert essentially has an incomprehensible infatuation with Jan and a manipulative hold on her parents which gives way to some pretty horrific events (no spoilers though).

Although it hit the rounds back in 2017, the recent drop of Abducted In Plain Sight on Netflix has sparked a widespread interest in the case again. It also has everything that makes a documentary great; articulate and honest interviews, creative cinematography and all the extra scandalous stuff like brainwashing, blackmail, alien abduction and death threats. If you need us right now, we’ll be cursing at how naïve everyone surrounding this case was. Head here to watch Abducted In Plain Sight.

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Image credit: Abducted In Plain Sight

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