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Prepare To Be Entertained, Here Are 14 Activities That Can Be Delivered To Your Door

By Lillian Curthoys
27th Mar 2020

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Sanity is a fickle thing, so easy to lose, so hard to regain. Exacerbated perhaps, by the rules that are keeping everyone inside, where the breeze is accessible only through a window, and activities are getting more limited by the day. It can be a daunting thing, trying to keep on top of your work and keep your spirits high, especially when you can’t get to the shops to buy a board game or a book. So we’ve compiled a list of the best activities you can get delivered to your doorstep, all from Australian companies.

Botanical Gin Making Kit

It’s a fact that things just taste better when you make them yourself, so order this kit for your Friday knock off drinks stat. You’ll create the perfect tipple, crafting not one but two bottles of dry gin using a combination of juniper berries, liquorice root, coriander and citrus peel—don’t worry there’s handy instructions so you can’t go wrong. It even comes with your own labels, so you can name your concoctions too. 

Natural Skincare Kit

Right now, we don’t have access to our go-to beauticians and favourite salons, so it’s time to get creative and this kit from ALY’S. Skincare for the Soul is just the tonic. Gather your gang for a virtual pamper sesh to create 100% natural beauty products. Along with your ingredients you’ll have access to a two-hour real-time class from the ALY'S, so you’ll end up with your very own, personalised cleanser. 


Spending hours by a table doesn’t seem like the most fun, but when you’re rotating pieces of cardboard, trying to assemble an image, suddenly it’s enrapturing, and calming as well. Puzzle Post knows just how great a puzzle can be, and have a monthly or fixed-term delivery subscription so you can get your jigsaw fix.

Macrame Kits

With the addition of a macrame set, any suburban home can be transformed into a beachside getaway (within reason). Love Australian Handmade are here to convert any apartment into a tropical holiday space, with their DIY macrame kits that will have you occupied for hours, as well as making something special for your home.

Candle Making

Ah, to relax on the couch with a small campfire of homemade candles in front of you, their light giving you a golden hour glow, and a bit of warmth in the coming winter nights. That’s exactly what Candle Making can offer you, a do-it-yourself kit that includes glasses, wax, wicks, fragrances of choice, thermometers and pourers. All you need to do is mix and create.

DIY Clay Mug

Pottery delivered to your door is definitely one way to curb your mid-isolation blues, and Crockd are here to help. Offering kits for two, three and four people, Crockd is a great way to get your hands into the fun, and come out of the experience with a new cup, bowl, or lump of clay that resembles neither.

Vegetable Growing

Are you down for putting in a lot of work and reaping what you sow? Literally? Little Veggie Patch Co are here to fulfil your farmer dreams, delivering everything you need to make your own little garden. Their kits include a half crate, bags of compost, cow manure, potting mix and worm poo, but you get to decide what you grow. Farm to table has never been so easy.

DIY Bath And Beauty Products

Relaxing may be one of the easiest things you can do when you’re stuck at home, but why not ramp it up by creating the very goods that you can then pamper yourself with? Evoke Australia is delivering DIY bath bomb, soap, body scrub and bath salt kits, perfect for you to spend the day creating, and then spend the evening enjoying.

Cheese Making

Make mozzarella, bocconcini, ricotta and mascarpone at home with the help of Omnom Cheese Making. The kit they deliver includes everything except for milk, and will make about 6-7kgs of cheese, all delivered in a sealed wooden box. 

Hoop Art Kit

StichWithSkye is helping cure your boredom at home with the hoop art kits for the 21st century. Depicting gorgeous images of female growth, perfect for sprucing up a bedroom or living room, the hoop art kit comes delivered with written instructions, or links to online videos.

Ginger Beer Making Kit

Homebrew kits are some of the best ways to test your inner brewer, and Little Green Works is holding a guiding light for all the amateurs that are getting started in more recent times. Their signature kit includes everything you need to make ginger beer from scratch, ready in three weeks from one hour’s hands on time.

Board Games

Bringing the whole family together can be harder than it seems, but with a good board game in your inventory, you might find it harder to get everyone away from each other. With classic games like Monopoly, and more modern games like Escape Room: The Board Game, The Games Men are here to save your family in quarantine. Jenga anyone?

Mindfulness Colouring

A good colouring book and a cup of tea—the perfect way to practice mindfulness when you’re stuck at home. Eckersleys have a range of mindfulness colouring in books, and the pens to colour in with, with designs including mandalas, seahorses, birds and abstract patterns. Let your mind wander, or focus, and produce a work of art in the meantime.

Rainbow Tie-Dye Kits

Old t-shirt in need of a transformation? Maybe your life needs a few more rainbows? In what seems to be a drab time for everyone, get inventive and creative with at home tie-dye kits, delivered to your door. The Sunny Daisy has rainbow and sampler tie-dye kits, which you can use to brighten up an old hoodie or pair of shorts. In need of a creative challenge? Why not try and tie-dye a couch?

Once you’re all activitied out, get your Netflix binge on with the best shows to watch right now.

Image credit: Crockd

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