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Carry-On That’s Way Too Cool To Stow Away

By Sammy Preston
25th Sep 2018


Your luggage says a lot about you. And sure, a set of monogrammed Louis Vuitton trunks would be extra (Hi, Jay Z), for everyone not circling the globe in a private jet we have options other than beige and taupe canvas for you.

Yup, options. Milling about at the baggage carousel just got a whole lot more good-looking. Thank us later. 

Among our favourites, RIMOWA. This totally thirsty RIMOWA x Supreme collaboration sold out in seconds in April this year (16 seconds, to be precise). Hardcore fans after a slice of this collector’s series can head to Ebay—but be prepared to lay down a pretty penny for that scarlet red guy.

Thankfully though, RIMOWA keeps delivering the goods with a regular roster of fashion collabs to get excited about (a clear case care of Virgil Abloh of Off-White was also revealed this year).

Don’t like hard cases? Great, because duffle bags are big right now. Balenciaga’s soft Wheel bag adds to their sporty-life ethos, while London designer Martine Rose has made your weekend winery trips look a whole lot cooler with his Napa duffle. 

Here are seven suitcases to add to cart that'll save your style game next time you fly, staycation or road trip. 

  1. RIMOWA carry on collabs, prices starting at $1260 at RIMOWA
  2. Ookonn circle bag, approx. $403 at Ookonn.
  3. Balenciaga Wheel duffle bag, $1,240 at Matches Fashion
  4. Loqi clear weekender bag, approx. $65 at Loqi
  5. Eastpak x Raf Simons backpack, approx. $360 at Eastpak
  6. Napa duffle bag by Martine Rose Weekend, approx. $141 at Michele Franzese Moda
  7. Paravel Stowaway suitcase, approx. $580 at Net-A-Porter.

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Image credit: Pinterest. 

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