Adidas Is About To Drop A New ‘Waterboy’ Collab Capsule

By Sophie Hodges
18th Oct 2018

Twenty years ago the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs beat the Cougars at the Bourbon Bowl 30-27. It was a massive event in sporting history and has remained one of the greatest comebacks of all time. You might know it better as The Waterboy. 

Well, Adidas is celebrating this great team (and Adam Sandler's cinematic history) with a legit ‘Waterboy’ 20th-anniversary capsule, and we are ready. 

That’s right, you can score Bobby Boucher’s Mud Dogs replica jersey for $120. If that's not a bargain, then there's no such thing as bargains.

Partnering with Disney, Adidas is paying tribute to the iconic sporting film with a full range of merch. There’s a lot on offer, too. The classic SCLSU jersey is obviously top of our list, Boucher’s name and number 9 are both featured on the back, and the Bourbon Bowl Championship patch is on the chest. Our other favourites include Coach Klein’s varsity jacket, an SCLSU cap, and even an SCLSU water bottle—now that’s what I call high-quality H2O. 

My personal pick? The helmet. Adidas partnered with Riddell, combining the new Riddell Speed and SpeedFlex helmets with the classic Mud Dogs logo, premium decal striping and a high gloss finish. Nice touch. 

The Waterboy capsule will arrive via a special event at Sneaker Politics in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on 18 October (tonight, Australia/New Zealand time), and then us folk can get our hands on it online from tomorrow. Hurry though, these are gonna get snapped up quick.

Image credit: Adidas

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