What Your Afternoon Snack Says About You

By Rachel Lay
11th Jul 2017

Have you ever wondered what your afternoon snack says about you? Or, more importantly, what your co-worker’s choice of afternoon salvation says about them? Of course you have! This whole experiment is totally, 100% grounded in years of empirical research*, so these answers are going to have you feeling like a total psychic. Who needs horoscopes?! We’ve teamed up with Dare Coffee Co. to bring you these thought-provoking insights, because if anyone knows those 3pm feels, it’s them (and the reason they created the best 3pm saviour ever, with their brand spankin’ new Dare Cold Pressed!).

*it’s not, we’re totally making this up.

#1 Monte Carlo Biscuits

It’s only 1pm and you’ve been receiving a healthy dose of side-eye from your boss, Frank, since you refused to pick up his half-strength soy latte with a matcha twist on your way into the office. It’s been a rough day and we won’t judge you for your need to hide in the cushy nostalgic bubble of your childhood for a few minutes. We won’t judge you when you finish the whole packet either. Or when you hide it all from co-workers. Seriously—no judgement.

#2 An Apple

Every office has one—your #Fitspo coworker who's already run at least 10 kilometres by the time they arrive each morning, and ‘kindly’ reminds you of just how many calories are in that slice of chocolate cake. We get it, your afternoon apple and green juice means your life is inherently better than ours. And don’t even get us started on your Instagram stories.

#3 An Iced Coffee

You’re already on your second coffee for the day, and heading back to your barista for another would serve as a truly humiliating experience. So instead, you opt for the humble Dare Cold Pressed Coffee (which you can grab from the local servo without any judgement, or knowledge of your prior coffee consumption). We like your style, Iced Coffee drinker, we really do. You care about impressions, and you also love coffee #OneOfUs.

#4 The Last Slice Of Birthday Cake

This guy. Alongside eating the last piece of cake, they’re also more than happy to snake your laptop charger when you’re on 2%, park across ALL of the lines in the car park meaning you’re forced to patrol the streets looking for a spot, and, they definitely still forward those chain emails that say you’ll die in seven days. And they 100% didn’t chip in for the birthday cake, either.

#5 Dark Chocolate

That slab of 70% dark chocolate you keep in your drawer for days when you’re craving sugar, but want to try and be healthy—you know the one. You’re a fad dieter, and your days of clean eating inevitably end with a stop at the Supermarket on the way home to buy your weight in chocolate, some brownies, those doughnuts that were on special, and then a takeaway order, too.

#6 A 4pm Lunch

There’s always that one person whose left-over pasta fills the office with a delectable aroma at 4pm. Aside from making us feel guilty for greedily gutsing our lunch at 11am, this person also makes us feel really put together and quite adult because we actually remembered to eat lunch at reasonable hour. Hey, at least we’re doing something right!

Has this article got you fancying a 3 pm something-something? Grab a new Dare Cold Pressed Coffee. You can thank us later.

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