Five Apps To Improve Your Work And Life Today

By Gemma Clark
9th Oct 2019

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Are you harnessing the power of your smartphone to get ahead in your career or does your app collection consist of the defaults and Candy Crush? It’s time to put your device to good use with these apps that will make your work and life a whole lot easier.

Bringing Your Paper To-Do List Into The 21st Century | Trello

If you get off on applying the Kon Mari method to every part of your life, you’re probably going to love Trello. The app compiles all of your to-do lists, brainstorms, idea boards and post-it notes into one handy, digital platform. With a very user-friendly interface, it’s easy to get started by building lists and workflows designed to keep you calm and on-track. It’s perfect for anyone who gets overwhelmed with a long to-do list because you can break down each task into step-by-step actions and feel satisfyingly smug when you move an action from “to do” to “done”. It’s also great for teams of people if you need to delegate tasks and ensure a project is on track. Trello is free for a single user, and available on the web, Apple App Store and Google Play and as a desktop app for Mac and PC.

Saving You A Trip To The Printer | Adobe Scan

If you’ve ever tried scanning personal documents via the office scanner, you’ll know the rush of panic of being caught, or worse, accidentally sending the scan to the wrong person. It isn’t commonplace to have a scanner at home, but thanks to Adobe Scan, you can now carry a scanner in your pocket. The app uses a camera function to capture any document you need to scan, converting the image to a PDF. Simply take a photo in-app of your document or upload an image from your photo library. Once you’ve got a PDF, you can crop, reorder pages and send it directly to where you need it to end up via link, email or messaging apps. Even better, the app is free on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Bumping Up Your Security | Dashlane

We’ve heard it a thousand times, we should have a different password for every online account we have. If you’re guilty of having a password collection of three or four variants of the same thing, you’re going to love Dashlane. It’s a platform that automatically stores passwords for every online account you hold, unlocked by a single master password. Better yet, the web plugin will automatically input your login, saving you the hassle of searching for the password or being locked out of your account after a few dud attempts. The app and web plugin sync to each other whenever you create a new password or update an existing one, making online account management super easy. Warning, sometimes the web pop-ups can get a little annoying, but the occasional pestering is worth it considering its overall usefulness. It’s free for up to 50 passwords on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Making Annoying Colleagues More Bearable | Noisli

We’re in the era of the open plan office, but that doesn’t stop annoying colleagues from being, well, annoying. Enter Noisli, the app that plays customisable white noise through your earphones to drown out the sniffs, coughs and distracting chatter coming from co-workers around you. There’s load of options for each noise type, including rain, forest, seaside, summer night and even the sounds of a coffee shop. It is a one-off payment of $2.99 for both Apple and Android devices, but the value of your sanity is much, much higher.

Preventing Tension Headaches One Meditation At A Time | Calm

It’s no secret that Gen Z is one of the most stressed generations ever, with social and financial pressures and the urge to get to the top of their careers in as little time as possible. The research around meditation to improve sleep and productivity and reduce anxiety and stress is plentiful, so if you’re not sure where to start, Calm is a great option. The app has a series of guided meditations to help you on your mindfulness journey. If you upgrade to the premium version, you also unlock targeted meditations for focus, stress, relationships and more. Calm offers a free trial, with some features permanently available for free, which is perfect for beginners sussing out meditation, but the real magic happens in the paid premium version ($70 per year). Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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