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Grab The Fluffy Robe, Here’s How To Have A Spa Day At Home And Find Max Chill

By Sophie Hart
27th Mar 2020

DIY Spa Day At Home

We’re living in a world where loungewear is the new business casual and staying home on a Saturday night is finally considered cool. If the stress of our collective ‘new normal’ is all getting to be a bit much (us too), we think it’s time you indulged in a well-deserved spa day. And since we can’t visit our beloved beauty boutiques, we’re going to tell you how to achieve some serious glow at home. 

From sugar lip scrubs to homemade hair masks, here’s how to have a DIY spa day at home. 

Set A Soothing Vibe 

First thing’s first, we need to set the scene and create a space for max chill. Spas have a certain ambience about them—they’re calming, serene and relaxing so we want to recreate that vibe at home. Music is a fast mood booster, so begin by plugging your ears with a series of soothing tunes of your choice or queue up this chilled-out playlist. Dial up the ambience by lighting all the fancy candles you can get your hands on and ignite your senses by burning incense. And, for potentially the most important step of all, pour yourself a tall quarantini (or two). 

Get Glowing With A DIY Facial 

If you’ve ever gone to the spa you’ll know a facial is a multi-step process. First, we’re going to draw out dirt, oil, and impurities from deep in your pores with a facial steam that feels oh, so relaxing. Heat water over the stove and add a mix of dried flowers or lemon slices. Now pour the water into a large bowl, drape a towel over your head and the bowl so the steam can’t escape. Stay put for five minutes. Oil works to draw out impurities, so grab your oil cleanser (or order Salt By Hendrix’s cleanser online) and start massaging it into your face before gently washing off, and repeat. For an extra indulgent step, pack on a mud, charcoal, or refreshing mint mask—whatever you like—to move the dirt out of your pores even further. Next, we want to buff away any dull skin with an exfoliant. Avoid using harsh scrubs and opt for gentle chemical exfoliants like Go-To’s Swipeys instead. Now your skin is purified, we want to pack as many nutrient-rich ingredients back in as possible. Think nourishing toners like Lush’s Eau Roma Water, soothing serums like Alpha-H’s Hydration Concentrate and moisturisers like Cedar And Stone. There’s also plenty of facial kits that come ready and tailored to your specific skin needs like Frank Body’s Pore-Ifics Kit and Eco Tan’s Hydration Skin System

Make Use Of Those Sheet Masks In Your Beauty Cabinet

Once a K-beauty novelty, sheet masks are a staple in any skin-care routine. Reach into the depths of your beauty cabinet for those sheet masks you were saving for a special occasion like the morning of that friends’ wedding or before a romantic dinner date. Since we’re stuck in self-isolation and in desperate need of little things to look forward to that make us feel good, we think the special occasion to use these sheet masks is right now. If you’re new to the sheet masking game and without any stockpiled in your bathroom, there’s plenty you can get delivered right to your door like Go-To’s Transformazing Mask and Origins Flower Fusion Mask. Just remember, sheet masks work best as a final step to your facial routine or you can skip doing a full facial and simply cleanse and sheet mask. 

Jolt Your Skin Back To Life With A Body Scrub 

For this DIY spa day, our aim is to achieve a full-body glow. Add a fancy body scrub to cart like Frank Body’s Coconut Coffee Scrub or Soap & Glory’s Sugar Scrub. These exfoliants are perfect for buffing away dull skin to reveal radiant glowing skin, or for a bit of extra fun since we’ve got plenty of time on our hands these days, it’s easy to make a homemade body scrub that will achieve the same results. Jolt your skin back to life with an invigorating coffee scrub made from ½ cup of leftover coffee grounds, brown sugar, and coconut oil, and simply mix until combined. If your skin is looking a little lacklustre and in need of hydration, give this honey, sage and oat body scrub a go. You’ll need ½ cup of brown sugar, ¼ cup of olive oil and rolled oats, and 1 tablespoon of dried sage leaves and honey. Mix until combined, drizzle over your body and get scrubbing. Hot tip: you can use these scrubs to give your lips a gentle polish too!

Give Your Locks A Little Love 

If you’re worried about how your locks are going to survive and thrive in lockdown, a stimulating hair scrub and hydrating hair mask is the answer. We’re big fans of Frank Body’s Duo Kit that includes a coffee scrub that promotes a healthy and happy scalp (read: no dandruff) and hair mask to restore damaged hair for soft and bouncy locks, minus the silicones and synthetics. Packed with oils, waxes and soothing essential oils, Lush’s cult-favourite Superbalm will also help you on your crusade for a healthier scalp. This one is really powerful that requires just 20 minutes on your scalp before rinsing out. You can also mix up your own elixir at home with ¼ cup of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to breathe life into dull hair. Carefully comb the mixture through your hair and wrap your head in a warm towel for 20 minutes, then rinse. Here’s to shiny hair commercials coming live to you from lounge rooms everywhere. 

Soak For Hours In A Soothing Tub

Creating the perfect bath is not as easy a turning on the tap, we want to recreate a spa-quality treatment in your own bathroom. Epsom salts are packed with magnesium and known to soothe sore muscles, so sprinkle a handful into your bath—we’re big fans of Salt Lab’s Bath Salts. Break out the bubble bath maker like Sunday Rain’s Acai Berry Mix to add a nostalgic and playful quality to your bath. Eco’s Ylang Ylang oil boasts calming effects on your nervous system, plus it smells incredible, so add about 10 drops into your bath or any of your favourite oils. Before you slip into the tub, roll up a towel and place it under your neck, or order The Body Shop’s inflatable bath pillow. Consider using this time to simply sit and meditate, read that book you’ve been putting off for a while, or catch up on Netflix. Your hands are going to get wet so be sure to keep a hand towel nearby. If you don’t have a bath, Miss Patisserie’s vegan Destress Shower Steamer will help you relax in the shower. Once you’ve soaked for a while, step out and into a big fluffy robe and slather yourself in moisturiser. Pure bliss. 

Afterwards, get some Zs with these plants that help you sleep.

Image credit: Maddi Bazzocco

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