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Keep Your Spirits High With These Awesome Australian Delivery Services

By Anna Franklyn
18th Mar 2020

When you’re minimising contact with the world life can get a little bit dull, but there are plenty of Australian businesses who are here to help keep things interesting.

From coffee deliveries to at-home cocktail kits and gourmet cheese deliveries, here are a few of the troopers who are giving us the will to go on, courtesy of their delivery services.

Otter Craft Distillery

If you’re going a bit stir-crazy at home, an at-home cocktail kit from Otter Craft Distillery is just the ticket to keep you sane. Get yourself the OCD Espresso Martini Kit which comes complete with OCD’s coffee vodka—made using a cold brew method (read: deliciously smooth)—coffee beans and maple syrup which is the secret to OCD’s signature espresso martini. If you feel like you need to get on the sauce early, you might be more inclined to grab the OCD Bloody Mary Kit. Obviously, there’s no judgement from us if you decide to whack both of them in your cart.


If Vegemite toast just isn’t going to cut it for the third night in a row and your taste buds are screaming for some nutrients, healthy and delicious meal delivery service Nourish’d has you covered. Whether you’re gluten or lactose-free, follow a strict vegan or keto diet, or maybe you simply want to eat better, Nourish’d is here to help you live your best iso life and come out the other side healthier than ever. Eat your way through epic dishes like cauliflower mac ‘n’ cheese, Korean sesame chicken with broccoli, and creamy chicken carbonara—these dishes are seriously drool-worthy. Skip the supermarket, all you need to do is set the table.  

Barker St

Physical distancing or not, coffee is a necessity if you’re planning on making it out the other side of this. Luckily, Barker St is delivering ethically sourced, sustainably grown and freshly roasted coffee right to your door. You can choose your coffee by roaster, region, flavour, roast or budget, or if that sounds like too much hard work, let them do it for you with a subscription. All the coffee is roasted and ground to order and with each batch you’ll be privy to the coffee’s origin and backstory so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Pepe Saya

Pepe Saya, the makers of delicious cultured butter, ghee, buttermilk and more, has closed down their factory store in Sydney for the time being but will be making next day deliveries across Australia. While you’ve got a bit of spare time on your hands, order their buttermilk and try your hand at making cultured buttermilk spelt bread—topped with lashings of butter, of course, or whip up a passionfruit cheesecake with their butter and crème fraiche. Or you could just load up on their delicious lemon curd and eat it with a spoon, you do you.

Cornelius Cheesemongers

If there’s one thing that will get you through night after night on the couch, it’s a good cheese platter and the guys at Cornelius Cheesemongers have only the best. You can grab a cheese box if you’re not into making decisions, otherwise have a browse through the 30+ varieties in the online shop and choose exactly which ones you want. They’ve also got a condiments pack with quince paste and crackers if your pantry is looking a little bare.

The Cruelty Free Shop

Looking for cheese without the dairy? The Cruelty Free Shop has got you covered with Notzarella, Vegalloumi, Better Than Cream Cheese and all sorts of vegan cheeses. They’ve also got plant-based meats and vegan chocolates along with beauty products and household items so you can go hard adding all of the things to your cart.


You can’t have a cheese platter without a glass of vino and luckily Vinomofo will deliver it straight to your door. Order a few bottles or a mixed case, or go all out and sign up to the wine club, then spend your newfound free time trawling through their extensive wine articles to learn everything there is to know.

Organic Wine

If you prefer your wine to be of the natural variety, there’s no need to go without while you’re physically distancing yourself. Organic Wine has everything from biodynamic and preservative free to dry farmed natural wines and vegan wines too.

The Weekly Drop

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that you can never have enough wine. But instead of picking your "usual" why not opt for a lucky dip situation? Leave the choosing to the experts with The Weekly Drop where each week a bottle of red and white is picked by their sommelier for just $50. There’s no snobbery here just excellent wine. Even better, if you subscribe for fortnightly or weekly ‘Drops’ they’ll have a tree planted by their partners at Greenfleet every month.

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Image credit: Elisa Michelet 

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