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Bachelor In Paradise Australia Is Officially Happening

By Ben Tyers
2nd Oct 2017


There have been rumours floating around for weeks (along with a suspiciously named private Twitter account) that Bachelor In Paradise Australia was actually bloody happening—and now we’ve got confirmation.

Dust off those thongs, grab your best pair of boardies, because former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants from around Australia will be heading to paradise very soon, and it looks as though it may be Fiji.

Who’s going to be on it? Well, nobody knows just yet. But you have to imagine that all-time villain Keira Maguire would have to get a run given she’s been on every other TV show since being booted off Richie’s season.

What we do know is that the ever-empathetic host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette—Osher Günsberg—will be back at the helm, and all feels right with the world.

Keep your eyes peeled for further info as it comes to hand, and for all of your Bachelor/Bachelorette fill, head here.

Image credit: Channel 10

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