Bachelorette EP 1: Power Rankings

By Sophie Colvin
22nd Sep 2016

Bachelorette ep1

If we weren’t sold on Georgia being a our kinda gal early on, we were as soon as she ditched stripper Carlos. What a slime.

If you’ve got bachelor fatigue, we thought we’d make it easy for you—these power rankings are really the only thing you need at this early stage.


Courtney is at the top of the list. Not because he got that (ugly) first impression rose, but because he genuinely seems like an absolute sweetheart. His dress sense is questionable, but anyone that gifts carbs on a string goes straight to the top of our list.


Lee has a donkey. He’s ridiculously good looking AND appreciates a good pun. The boys seem to have picked him as a front runner, so we'll trust their judgement.


We could’ve told you that Jake was in sales the minute he opened his mouth. Jake’s going to keep things lively and we think that he could probably really turn the charm on. Straight up, he nails ‘normal’.


Cameron is a firefighter. Cameron is in the firefighter’s 2016 calendar. Georgia loses her mind. We’re sold. PSA: You can find Cam’s firefighter calendar pic here


With old school charm, Matt could be a dark horse. He seems like a gentleman and basically declares his love straight up. Not sure about that double breasted suit / tie combo, though.


I like Jay straight off. He seems normal, and he’s pretty damn handsome. I’m a bit dubious about the ‘Wellness Coach’ thing. Side note: Is velour in? 


Sam will be kept around for the banter, but there’s not a wink of hope that he’s legit here to fall in love. He’s clearly doing an Olena and is hoping to launch his modelling career. At least he basically admits that he’s a mad playyyaaa.

Matty J

Loves his velour and gave Georgia a mixed tape, always a winning combination. We love a 90’s throw-back.


Clancy speaks about being normal, but he then proceeds to be weird as hell, offering to let Georgia shave him. Once we see the reveal, I can’t for the life of me think why he ever thought it was a good idea to have a beard. He seems kinda sweet though, so he’ll hang around for a while.


Tommy didn’t really give us much. He’s ripped AF and Georgia tries to make him drop and give her 20. He does say he “can go all day”…. Depends if stamina is something Georgia values.


A bit of a filler, we haven’t really seen too much of Ryan, so we’ll reserve judgement for now. But he didn’t really make much of an impression. Is there anything worse than being boring?


Rhys straight out says he’s great looking and that he ‘puts his fingers in a lot of things’. Righto mate. Something tells me Georgia isn’t really into arrogant BS (Catchya later Carlos) so I can’t really see Rhys sticking around for too long. Though he clearly has a helluva rig, so he’ll stay for a few weeks purely for eye candy value.


I think Ben might be on something. He’s had three nervous poos. His body moves around like one of those wavy men at a used card yard and he rates himself as a '5'.


Aaron is another one of those filler guys. He’s harmless. Not a stayer. The producers knew this when they threw him in there.

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